Google Drive Updated With New Features At Google Play Store

Google-Drive-Android-Update app

Google PlayStore is one of the leading android markets in the world. Google Play is a complete package of all the contents, apps, games that are user friendly.One of the apps of Google Play is Google drive that serves as a method of sharing anything you want. It is a nice app with nice features. Recently, … [Read more...]

HTC Desire 4G LTE To Be launched at Verizon Wireless In Coming weeks

htc desire 4g

HTC has spread its name all over the world with its different and user friendly devices. The truth is that HTC changes the name of its devices when releasing in US. The recent HTC One series has successfully hit the US markets and have increased the sales of HTC.The leaked image from the Verizon wireless … [Read more...]

Update HTC Thunderbolt with Jellybean 4.1.1 Based AOKP Firmware [How To]

HTC Thunderbolt

In due course of this article we are guiding you with a detailed tutorial on how you can apply the Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware update in the HTC Thunderbolt Android smartphone with simple instructions.Please make a note that, since this is a custom ROM firmware; developed by a recognized XDA developer [SP] JESTER … [Read more...]

Upgrade HTC Desire Firmware with AOKP CM 10 Jellybean 4.1.1 Version [How to]

HTC Desire

The users of HTC Desire devices can now be upgraded with one more custom ROM firmware which is titled as Cyanogen Mod 10 firmware with AOKP build. This firmware ropes in the latest Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware along with all the latest Google Apps and user interface to match the style of SAMSUNG Galaxy Nexus which … [Read more...]

Motorola Atrix HD Update Comes With Improved Performance

Motorola Atrix HD

The Motorola Atrix HD comes with lots of goodies for overall stability and performance improvements which we have mentioned below.1. SECURITY:The improved version of Motorloa Atrix HD  contains Google Security Patches2. LOCATION:It corrected the functionality for fixed pictures being Geo Tagged … [Read more...]

Samsung Announced Tentative Release Dates for Galaxy S3 LTE, Galaxy Note 2 LTE and Note 10.1 LTE devices


In the recent days, there is a lot of news are published related to Samsung devices; which is one of the leading companies to launch android smartphones in different models with lots of goodies.Now, it has released the tentative dates for a few upcoming Android devices such as Galaxy S3 LTE, Galaxy Note 2 LTE … [Read more...]

How to Update AT&T Galaxy Note to Jelly Bean with Slim Bean Custom ROM

AT&T Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note is a big phone, but it does not mean that the software powering it has too big. The AT&T Galaxy Note has received a port of the slimmest custom ROM around - Slim Bean, based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.Slim Bean is a bare-bones ROM that is very light on resources and very small in size. It … [Read more...]

How Android Will Help You To Find A Date, Boyfriend or Girlfriend

android love

If you have been waiting for Valentine’s Day to ask your special person for a date or you have been worried how you are going to approach the person you have been working or studying with. Then don’t worry because now android can sort out your love life.Sometimes romance blooms between two people in most … [Read more...]

How to Install Shri Chanakya CM10 ROM with T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2

The T-Mobile Galaxy S2 users now update a new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean based CM10 ROM in their device. Please make a note that this is not an official ROM released by Samsung. It is a custom ROM under development and may have few bugs in it.Full credits will goes to the XDA Forum Member Shri_chanakya who is the … [Read more...]

LG Optimus G – A 13 Megapixel Camera Promises “World’s Best Image Quality” In Smartphones

LG Optimus G

If you are the person who loves to take photos with your smartphone, or just wants a better camera on your Android device;  then the LG Optimus G might be just only for you.The LG recently release the another promo video soliciting their 13 megapixel Optimus G will feature the "World's Best Camera" for … [Read more...]