Galaxy Note 2 & Galaxy S3 To Hit Markets At Variant Colors


Rumors all around the android world ! We have been tracking a lots of leaks and rumors about Galaxy Note 2.The leaks say the detailed specifications of upcoming Galaxy Note 2. But another fact prevails that this Galaxy Note would be available in variant colors.This Rumor is going to be disclosed at a new … [Read more...]

Update Samsung Epic 4G D710 With Galaxy S3 Themed Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S3 Theme ROM Update

Galaxy S3 is the most trending Smartphone that has entered into the market recently. The loved thing in this Smartphone was the features of Touch Wix UX interface of S3 and now you can also grab the same feature and other looks of S3 into your Samsung Epic 4G D710 as we are going to see a tutorial to update Epic … [Read more...]

LG Optimus G To Be Officially Launched Next Month In Korea- Followed by A Global Announcement Later


Rumors about LG’s new Flagship phone have turned to be official. The news is that LG Optimus G: Quad core android flagship will arrive next month in South Korea. It would be precisely run by all its 3 operators.After its arrival in South Korea, LG Optimus G would be launched globally and would finally reach … [Read more...]

Blockster – Most Interesting Puzzle Game


Blockster is one of the most interesting and addictive puzzle game where you have to remove blocks by pressing colored drums. The game are in three modes: Beat, Endless and Reverse and is incredibly easy to play.It is one of the funniest and rewarding puzzle game. At the bottom of the screen it contains four … [Read more...]

Rumors Still Prevailing For: Samsung Galaxy S3 Based Camera

Samsung S III based Camera

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the leading phones in the contemporary market. This smartphone has great price considerations. Although it is a Brilliant phone but rumors still prevail about Samsung Galaxy S3 based camera that the camera could be even much better.According to GSMARENA upcoming Samsung Galaxy S … [Read more...]

OG Motorola Droid Pumps Up With Jelly Bean As A Custom Rom


It’s charming news for Motorola users that OG Motorola Droid can finally get a Jelly Bean update via custom Rom.3 Years since its launch it did not get significant updates but it’s hard to understand the fact that during its launch it had added a feather to the cap of Android market.Although people … [Read more...]

Shush App: Turns on Normal Settings Automatically From Silent Mode

Shush App

Shush is an Android app, unlike other application it does a lot of works. It was designed to do one little simple task, but it does pretty works smartly.Once you install this app on your device and when you turn on the silent mode or silence your phone's ringtone, it will show up a dialog box in that it will … [Read more...]

Unlock, Root And Install Apps In Google Nexus Q [How To]

Unlock, Root, Install Apps Google Nexus Q

Google Nexus Q is a new device released by Google in its I/O Conference this month, can now be unlocked and rooted using the tutorial given below. We can also install apps on this device with the help of these instructions.The method used for unlocking the device is the same as the other Nexus devices, … [Read more...]

How to Remove the Unlocked Bootloader Warning Logo

Unlocked Bootloader

If you are a Motorola user then you probably noticed that, the M logo has been replaced by a warning message after the unlock of the bootloader via Motorola website.In this tutorial you will find the solution for that: DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not held responsible/liable for any damages occurs … [Read more...]

Update AT&T Galaxy S3 with Parandroid Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

AT&T Galaxy S3 Parandroid Custom ROM Firmware

AT&T Galaxy S3 users can now easily update their devices with Parandroid Custom ROM Firmware which ropes in the added features in your ICS laden Samsung Galaxy S3 device.As of now, there’s no announcement about the ETA of Jellybean 4.1 for Galaxy SIII but until the official firmware arrives, you shall use … [Read more...]