How to Backup and Restore the SMS Messages for Free

SMS- Backup-Restore-Android

If you want to root your phone or update any firmware in your smartphone please remember that it will delete all your datas, especially your SMS messages. So, if you stored any precious messages in your inbox and you don't want to miss them then take a backup of all your messages with the help of "SMS Back & … [Read more...]

How To Remove Bloatware And Useless Apps From Your Galaxy Note

galaxy note lite rom creator

Whenever we buy a new android phone it usually comes with many bundled apps most of them are either useful or useless and you don’t use them much. Not only that there are other bloatwares also that you will never ever use.The bloatwares just cause your device to slow down and also eats up useful memory which … [Read more...]

How to Update Sony Xperia T with AOSP Jellybean 4.1 Firmware


Over the period of this article we will be checking out on how to update AOSP Jellybean in Sony Xperia T.Please be aware that it is not an official firmware released by Sony. The AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Jellybean is just a custom ROM firmware. So if you want to apply this firmware in your device you … [Read more...]

How to Install Clockwork Mod Touch Recovery in Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

Here, we comes with one good news for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 smartphone users. The Clockwork Mod Touch Recovery has been arrived for them now they can apply the same in their devices and can rejoice its benefits.Please be informed that, you can apply this custom recovery only on the Rooted Samsung … [Read more...]

Kii Keyboard : A New Alternative Keyboard to Swype and Swiftkey


Hi guys if you facing any problems by using the popular android keyboards like Swype, Swiftkey and you are searching for some other better keyboard then the Kii will be definitely useful for you.This will be more useful not only in smartphones but in the tablets too due to split keyboard feature. This Kii … [Read more...]

How to Install Unofficial CyanogenMod 10.1 in Galaxy Note II

CyanogenMod 10.1 in Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II device now gets the Unofficial CyanogenMod 10.1. If you want to install this in your device then follow the given below procedure and quick prerequisites.Please be informed that by installing the CM10.1 the in call audio will not work. The working features are Audio in speaker, … [Read more...]

How to Easily Store and Launch Secret Phone Codes


You might know that typing a series of specific digits in your Android device will launch hidden menus. You cannot easily remember those codes for further use.At that time, you will looking for some other sources. Your search is ending here. Yes, by installing the android app you can easily store and … [Read more...]

Xtab A9 Plus : A New Low Budget Friendly Tablet – Specs, Price & Availability

Xtab A9 Plus

The budget friendly android ICS tablets in Indian Market is raised everyday. Every electronics manufacturers have jumped into launching their own variant of tablet PC as it is the right time to jump in the market and create an identity. As of now in India, Micromax has been successful and it occupies 18% of the … [Read more...]

Transphone 1 Pro: Combination of Phone and Tablet- Specs & Price


A few months back Asus has released the PadFone 2. Likewise, now the Transphone International released the Transphone 1 Pro. It is the latest hybrid combination of the android phone and tablet. The TransPhone has a 3.5 inch screen and the TransPad has a 7 inch screen.One of the biggest argument that you could … [Read more...]

How To Upgrade your Galaxy S3 with Official Premium Suite XXELL4 Jellybean 4.1.2 Firmware

Galaxy S3 XXELL4 Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy S3 finally gets the premium Suite Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean which is also dubbed as XXELL4 firmware. Using this firmware on Galaxy S3, will let you to get the best out of some of the premium apps including the “Paper Artist” and “Smart Rotation”. Well, lets get started with our detailed guide for … [Read more...]