Statusbar Toggles Available for Sony Xperia J, Xperia Tipo and Xperia Miro

Statusbar Toggles

Statusbar Toggles are useful for many Android users. It is now available for Sony Xperia J, Tipo and Micro. The XDA Senior Member Zoldyck introduced a mod for aforementioned devices.It allows the users to have the same toggles as other Xperia Users. Zoldyck offers four different toggle layouts including Jelly … [Read more...]

HTC EVO Android 3.0 Phone

HTC EVO Android 3.0 Phone

The new HTC EVO Android 3.0 Phone is a fantastic phone and it comes shipped with Google Android Honeycomb version which includes fantastic features such as a music player, radio, a brilliant audio player, fantastic camera support for brilliant pictures, superb WiFi options and many other fantastic features.The … [Read more...]

4G Speed

4G Speed

Right now in the technology space there is a lot of buzz about 4G and every major network provider is trying to tell you that 3G is a thing of the past and that you need the latest technology and hardware to support the latest 4G technology.Some people say that 4G is currently not a fully developed platform … [Read more...]

Easy and Simple ADB and Fastboot Setup for Newbies (Windows Only)

Easy and Simple ADB and Fastboot Setup for Newbies (Windows Only)

In this article, you will find the tutorial to setup ADB and fastboot. Before start to proceed with this tutorial it is important to check whether the USB Debugging is enabled in your device. If you don't know how to do- then go to Settings>Applications>USB Debugging. Then enable the option.DISCLAIMER … [Read more...]

Shield Your Teen from the 5 Biggest Threats on the Internet


Although the internet has brought some great features that have made our lives a whole lot easier, it has also brought a ton of dirt with it, making it unsafe for the younger generation. Threats on the web are continuously increasing, but there are five online dangers that you really need to be wary of, as failing … [Read more...]

The Best Football Themed Games for Android

Super Soccer Goalie

The stage is set for the 2014 FIFA World Cupand all eyes are on Brazil. Everyone seems to be looking for a piece of the action. What better way to participate than to playone of the best football themed games for Android. You can get in on exciting sport’s betting at Betsafe games, or play video matches of your … [Read more...]

Dashlane for Password Protection


People these days spend majority of their time online, thanks to all the social networking websites and forums. The ease with which anything as well as everything can be accessed online is the reason why more and more people are turning toward online businesses and services. With so much of our personal … [Read more...]

Top 7 Facebook Games That Will Blow Your Mind

Criminal Case

Throughout its existence, Facebook has continued to grow and diversify its games. This is because the gaming culture has grown in popularity throughout the world. There has been a significant increase in cross-platform games for both web and mobile that users identify with. The best games are selected based on … [Read more...]

Recover the Deleted Files with just Few Clicks

The major problem we face in our systems that we lose all our important data or accidentally we delete our items. Even sometimes by the corrupted windows we lose all our data. In this type of problems, Recovery softwares helps us to recover our deleted files. But when we do Google or prefer other search engines, … [Read more...]

Take Care Of Your Laptop When Travelling With A Durable Bag

bag while travelling

Laptops offer incredible convenience and flexibility for the modern traveller and, whether you are a businessman crossing the continent for meetings or simply travelling on holiday with your family, being able to take your computer with you offers many benefits. For e.g for selling classified ads in Bangladesh … [Read more...]