10 Free And Useful Apps In Android

best and useful android apps

When you visit the android market you notice there are many different categories of apps are available and among those there are some apps that are useful to you on a daily basis and some which come into use occasionally.Rather than downloading most of the apps and finding out about each and every app we have … [Read more...]

Android Finally Defeats iPad True Or False?


These days the internet especially any sort of tech site are flooded with information relating to Apple and all the technology they have developed and integrated in their new products and how android is lagging behind and can’t catch up to apple in terms of functionality and ease of usability.Even I have read … [Read more...]

Chameleon Redefining Your Home screen


Home screen is the most important of any device because it’s the first most step that you encounter when you are about to use any device. It is also the first step through which various manufacturers can add their own flavor to the device.If you buy any android device from Samsung or HTC you don’t get the … [Read more...]

Smart Analytics Helping You To Keep Tabs On Your Calls


We receive many calls on our phone daily sometimes more from one number then others but at the end of the day we just can’t tell about it because there are much more pressing matters that require your attentions.There are many apps in the android market that help you to keep tabs on your phone calls and let … [Read more...]

Make The Voice Action In Android Work Well

voice action screens

Google introduced the Voice action in android when Android Froyo 2.2 was released. It paved the way for many voice guided apps that are available in the android market today.Although the voice action is not as sophisticated as SIRI which is found in iPhone 4S but it still enabled the user to interact with … [Read more...]

Transfer Data Wireless Through Web To Your Phone With EZ Drop

EZ Drop screen 1

There are times when you want to transfer some important data from your phone to your computer and you can’t find the cable or you are in your friends place and need to transfer files to and from his computer but either you don’t have cable or Bluetooth pairing isn’t working.At times like these you really wish … [Read more...]

How to Root Sony Xperia Z for Locked Bootloaders

Sony Xperia Z

This is the tutorial to root Sony Xperia Z device. This tutorial may wipe your datas completely. So, do a backup of all your apps, contacts, SMS, MMS, APN Settings etc.Requirements:Sony Xperia Z with stock Sony Jellybean firmware.It works on both locked/unlockable  bootloaders ADB Drivers … [Read more...]

How to Root Any Samsung Galaxy S3 in Windows Computer

Samsung Galaxy S3

This is the tutorial to instruct you to root any Samsung Galaxy S3 devices. You probably aware that what is mean by rooting. If you don't know about that, then know that from here.If you root your device, it will allow you to get full access to your device. Then everything in your device will be in your … [Read more...]

Call Actions: Streamlining Your Phone Calls

call actions screen

Call Actions is an android app that helps you to stay organized if you are receiving important phone calls daily. This app will help you to remember to call back certain person after you are done with a call.Also certain times you are busy so you just can’t note down the important things that another person is … [Read more...]

5 Technological Innovations That You Can Expect To See In Android Devices

android waterproof

Android devices are getting more and more mainstream these days mostly because of the flexibility they provide in terms of manufacturing a android device and also from the user point of view where you can customize the entire OS to your liking.IPhone has been the next best thing in market other than android … [Read more...]