Update Galaxy Nexus S 4G With Jellybean 4.1 Firmware Update [How To]

Galaxy Nexus S Android Jelly Bean Update

Galaxy Nexus S 4G Smartphone users can now roll their sleeves to update their devices with the leaked version of Jelly Bean 4.1. There will be an official update of Jelly Bean 4.1 for Galaxy Nexus S 4G which will be pushed by Google but as of now, we’ve not got the exact date, when it would be rolled out. The … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 Is Now Available On Canadian Market With Two Variety Of Display size

Galaxy android tablet 2

It seems like Tablet devices are the hottest devices of the market. The trend of computing on hand is highly increasing hence the big guys like Google, Samsung and other as well is behind the person who loves to use powerful  android devices on hand. Week back Google introduces Nexus 7 a pretty much impressive … [Read more...]

Word Lens Is Now On Google Play To Translate On Androids: A Competitive Advantage Over Google Goggles.

Word Lens Translator app

A mobile translator app which can translate any picture of text where you are traveling abroad and don’t know the local language is like a very important to have app on your android phone. It has not been much long before when we saw bunch of such app in different smartphone to prove that how much convenient … [Read more...]

Android Based Gaming Console: Ouya To Offer A $99 Console Ahead Of Google

ouya-android based gaming console

Even though dramatic domination of smartphone market Google people are not to beat the market of game consoles. If we look at how every Google product is taking place over market its pretty much smart marketing. They are very good at distract people from other products and take a bite of them then swallow them … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Beam On UK market: Coolest Device With £395

samsung galaxy beam in UK

Multimedia projector on a phone is cool device though its not much in market with major brands. As only we can see the first brand of Samsung Galaxy Beam. It was announced on February of the last MWC with lots of other excitation of Samsung. Without any specific time schedule of international launch Samsung … [Read more...]

Update Motorola Defy With Super Stable ICS 4.0.4 Firmware [How To]

Motorola Defy Super Stablet ICS 4.0.4 Update

Motorola Defy users can now update their devices with the all new Super Stable ICS 4.0.4 firmware. Over a period, we would be checking out steps you need to follow in order to apply this firmware in your device. This update is CM9 ICS firmware and based on Froyo Kernel. Also, be aware that this is not official … [Read more...]

How To Update Galaxy GIO S5660 With Beta 8 Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS 4.0 Firmware

Galaxy GIO Cyanogenmod 9 ROM

So here arrives the Beta 8 Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS 4.0 Firmware for Galaxy GIO S5660 users and we would be checking a detailed tutorial to apply the same. Readers need to be aware that this isn’t an official update neither we have any ETA on when there would be an official update. As it is still in the Beta Stages, … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Waiting For IFA In August : Possibly Without Unbreakable Plane Display

samsung galaxy note 2

Last week was full of excitation and android exhilaration by big G- I/O and among lots of other buzzed android device Nexus 7 tab was with huge amusement. Now there will be another festival on end of the Next month to see some more in berlin other than Google though. It seems like mini android devices- tablets … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia LT30 : Leaked Specs By Bluetooth Device Certification

Sony Xperia LT30

If you can recall the look of Sony’s with its metal clad structure you can kind of imagine what would be the look of Sony’s New Xperia LT30. Yes, it is with   ARC design and metal black body of 9 mm thick and weigh 140g. It's leaked look does explain that it is way near to a premium design device. It’s going to … [Read more...]

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Released Now On Verizon For $149.99


Verizon’s HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE is now on market though after long time holding up the excitation among the android lovers. Yes,its available on their official website as well as the stores through out the US. 4G LTE connectivity was not for Incredible users of 2010's first Incredible and 2011's … [Read more...]