Asus Dual Padfone 2 Planned To Be Launched On 16th October


Apart from its several products in the market ASUS has led to develop devices that favor good user friendly actions and are good in sales also.The recent news given by ASUS in the press events at Italy & Taiwan showed the precise upcoming of the new ASUS Padfone 2 that is much better than previous version … [Read more...]

File Transfer Between Android Devices Via Wi-Fi Made Easy – AnySend


Have you been using Bluetooth technology so far to send and receive files between Android devices? Well, things are about to change as “AnySend” can help you transfer files between android devices over Wi-Fi.If you love to send files from one platform to another but you don’t want to do it in a slower way then … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy S3 GT I9300 with WanamLite ICS Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

Update Galaxy S3 GT I9300 with WanamLite ICS

Wanamlite ICS firmware, one of the popular custom ROM firmware around is now available for Galaxy S3 GT I9300 users and below we’ll be checking out how you can install this latest version ICS firmware XXBLG9 which is basically an ICS build. This custom ROM is dubbed as WanamLite ICS Custom ROM firmware.Well, … [Read more...]

Voice Shortcut Launcher For Google Play Store


Google Play Store is one of the best Markets favoring Android even much better than Apple App store nowadays. Google play features many categories that enhance the output qualities of the android devices thus raising Google Play Store at Glance.The latest best app at Google Play Store is Voice Shortcut … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with ICS Omega 15 Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

Samsung Galaxy S2

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone users can update their device by using the new version of Omega 15 firmware. This firmware update ropes in all the latest features of ICS and also comes with many add on applications which will surely increase your overall user experience of Android.Please make a note that … [Read more...]

Motorola Unveils The All New Motorola RAZR I Powered By Intel


Motorola has been launching its devices that have now gained popularity in the international market. Motorola has launched its various devices recently.The most recent announcements include the unveiling of all new Motorola RAZR I that has been unveiled by the company on 18th September morning in … [Read more...]

Carbon App To Soon Arrive At Google Play Store


Android market is the best market that contains every type of featured app and user friendly app that that are used to provide entertainment, knowledge and understanding of various aspects to the customers.Carbon for Android – the WebOS twitter client app has almost arrived at Google play store. From past … [Read more...]

Twitter Updated With New Features At Google Play Store


Although Google Play Store is equipped with a large number of social networking applications and one such app is Twitter that has led to the interaction of every species of this world together at one framework.This android app contains profiles starting from a normal man to a business man and then extending … [Read more...]

Datawind Announces Four New UbiSlate Tablets


Datawind has launched many Tablets for Indian market that favor smart technologies at affordable prices.Recently in 2011 Aakash  android Tablet came in the Indian markets that was a combined collaboration of the Datawind and the Government but this device was unable to impress the users to a much … [Read more...]

Apple vs. Samsung Verdict: Apple Claims Antitrust Investigation Opened Against Samsung


Apple vs. Samsung has reached to a complete legal war that has stunned the continents. From Tokyo to san Francisco have experienced the cases of these two companies.The judge in South Korea said that both Samsung and Apple are guilty of the issue of patents and the judge ordered the two companies to pay each … [Read more...]