Having Trouble Sleeping? Android Is Here To Help With The Apps Designed To Get You Sleep


Sometimes you have trouble sleeping maybe because you have lot of things in your mind or sometimes you have enough worries that just doesn’t allow you to get a good night’s rest. Or you might be suffering from sleeping disorder such as insomnia. So in such cases what would you do? Don’t go for the sleeping … [Read more...]

Android Tablet Market Segmentation And How It Affects The iPad and The Tablet Market


With the release of the new iPad we are clearly seeing a shift in the market of tablets with various users opting for a cheaper android tablet then paying premium price for an iPad. Every time a new iPad is released the market tends to favor the new Apple product for a short period of time since the Apple fans … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy ACE S5830i With Official India DDLD2 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware [How To]

Galaxy Ace DDLD2 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Update

Here comes good news which is live for all people who are using galaxy Ace S5830i from India as an update has arrived for your device which is dubbed as DDLD2 and ropes into Gingerbread 2.3.6 firmware. Here we have come up with an article which can help you to apply this update and in addition, we have shown … [Read more...]

How to Install ADB Drivers in HTC Evo 4G


If you are a HTC Evo 4G user and if you want to install ADB Drivers in your device then follow this tutorial. But before start to install you need to put your HTC Evo 4G into "recovery mode", otherwise you computer won't recognize your phone as an "ADB Device", which we want. And also note that this tutorial … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy SII With Tablet UI Based Parandroid Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

Galaxy S2 ParanDroid ROM Update

Parandroid Custom ROM firmware brings the experience of the tablet mode user interface for Smartphone and this update is now available for Samsung S II GT I9100. Before you apply this update, you need to ensure that your device is rooted and once you root the device, the warranty gets void and the only way to … [Read more...]

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Might Feature Improved Desktop Capabilities

android 5.0

Android is one of the most famous mobile operating system that has been ever developed. It’s like Google has struck gold with android and over time since the first introduction of Android OS it has evolved so much that now out life isn’t complete with android. Android has been suffering with fragmentation which … [Read more...]

How to Update Galaxy Note N7000 with Official DDLP8 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware

Galaxy Note N7000 users got a reason to rejoice as they can now switch their device to the official ICS 4.0.3 firmware since this update is now available via KIES PC tool as well as via OTA.  This update is dubbed as the Official DDLP8 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware. As this update is a boot loader free update, you can … [Read more...]

Keep A Track Of Signal Strengths Of Various Connections in Your Android Device With The Help Of The Signal Booster Apps

android boosting signal apps

Sometimes when are walking by most of the time we don’t notice the signal strength of our carrier. Especially in the areas where there are high rise buildings getting good signal is difficult so as a result neither our 3G connection nor the voice quality on the calls that we get are good enough. Tired of having … [Read more...]

Update Samsung Galaxy S3 With Official ICS XXLAE8 4.0.4 Factory Firmware [How To]

Samsung Galaxy S3 ICS XXLAE8 4.0.4 Update

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the hot thing spreading nowadays. And this just released recently, and very soon it got an official update which all Galaxy S3 users would love to hear. This update is namely ICS XXLAE8 4.0.4 Factory Firmware. So, let’s check out the detailed tutorial to apply this update along with a set … [Read more...]

Sidecar App Allowing You To Do More With Your Android Phone While You Are On The Phone


Smartphones are the best because they allow you to a lot of task at any given moment all thanks to the multitasking capabilities. With the latest Android 4.0 multitasking has been taken to another level. You can do a lot more at any given moment. Sometimes multitasking isn’t possible while you are on the phone … [Read more...]