Google To Introduce Siri Like Assistant For Android Devices


If you have been following the rumor mill then you must have come across the name Majel which was the codename for the voice action which is present in all the android devices.The voice action didn’t perform any special task other than performing the specific actions that you dictated which didn’t involve any … [Read more...]

Ainol Novo 7 Elf: A Tablet With The Right Price Tag


If you have been following our android blog lately then you must have noticed some of the articles mentioning about low cost tablets and how they are good when you are in a budget. But no matter how much you read and research on low cost tablet still you will be unsure whether a $150 tablet will be any good or … [Read more...]

Type Fast And Correctly With MessagEase Keyboard


Whenever we are aiming to go for a touch screen phone the first thing we are worried about is the on screen keyboard and its disadvantages because most people aren’t comfortable with the on-screen QWERTY keyboard.There are still many people who would prefer regular keypad which enables must faster typing with … [Read more...]

HTC ONE S Is The Beauty With The Brains: Part 2

htc on s benchmarks screenshot

In the first part of the review we took a look at the device and how it feels. Also we discussed about the display of the device which makes it a true multimedia device. In this part we take a look at the hardware and performance of the device and we are sure that it will leave you stunned.Read on to find … [Read more...]

Develop Android Apps In Your Phone With The Help Of AIDE


The apps that are available in the android market whether they are of premium quality or the most basic sucky app they were all developed using Eclipse and Java SDK on PC.Initially attempts have been made to try to develop in the phone itself because it allowed the developer to fully understand how the app … [Read more...]

HTC ONE S Is The Beauty With The Brains: Part 1


HTC ONE S is the best looking android phone to be ever released in the market. Sure you can say its specs are below its big brother HTC ONE X but that doesn’t matter because the device is such a joy to look at.  HTC made sure to equip it with an amazing beautiful body that is constant throughout the … [Read more...]

Understanding Custom ROMs And Their Advantages

custom ROM understanding

If you have been reading our blog then you must have come across some guides that teach you to install custom ROMs or how to root your device to install custom ROM's and to modify your device accordingly.But the word ROM might be familiar to all the geek’s out there but what about normal people who have been … [Read more...]

Android Fragmentation: What Is It And Why Its A Nuisance To Developers


Android has revolutionized the mobile world by introducing a whole new way in which we can put our device to good use. Android has brought many new updates and also Google has made sure to keep their android OS updated and bug free.Google have made sure that whenever they release a new version of their OS it … [Read more...]

Are You A Coffee Lover? Then Android Will Help You Out By Providing You Good Coffee

android coffee

Coffee is one of the best things that anyone can have to feel re-energized when you have loads of work to finish or deadline to meet. There have many times when your friend introduced you to great coffee and now you just love the taste and smell of coffee.Well don’t worry because in this article we have picked … [Read more...]

HTC One X Is Crowned As King Of Android

hrx one x header

Last year was the year of dual core phone and the title of the king of android went to Galaxy S2 which was hailed as one of the most powerful device of the year 2011. No other device could come close to the performance offered by the Galaxy S2.This year Galaxy S2 cant even come close to the new king HTC One X. … [Read more...]