Trend Micro Longevity Helping You To Extend Your Battery Life


It’s very frustrating when you are using your phone and suddenly your alerted that your almost out of battery juice or you are using your device and you are worried about how long the battery will last because you still have some work to do. We have posted different articles on how to achieve more out of our … [Read more...]

Manage Your Scanned Barcode With Barcode Cache

barcode-cache app

Our android phone has become immensely useful to us in our daily life all thanks to the different number of applications that are available in the Google Play Store. Now you have app for everything. Thanks to the availability of so many apps our android phone has become a tool that is necessary. One of the … [Read more...]

Android In-App Ad Privacy Issues Is A Main Concern

android hack

A group of researchers from the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University have conducted a research and they discovered that more than half of the ad libraries present in the android app pose a serious security risk to the users. This raises privacy issues because of the type of data … [Read more...]

How To Set Up Galaxy S2’s WI-FI Hotspot Feature

galaxy s2 hotspot

Galaxy S2 was one of most popular android phone of the year 2011. When it was released it had everything you could ever imagine and with a gorgeous 4.3inch Super AMOLED Plus display everything was just amazing. The device didn’t just stop there it also featured some specs that made it completely different from … [Read more...]

Best Android Browsers Of 2012

android browsers

If you are an avid user of internet then you must be using the internet from your device regularly and must be getting annoyed at the stock browser that is available in your device. Because there is not much feature in the stock browser although it’s much faster but sometimes the user expects more from their … [Read more...]

How To Use Your Android Phone To Connect Your Desktop To The Internet


If you are having trouble with your internet connection and you need to use internet immediately to complete your work then you can use your android phone to connect to the internet. Yes you can use your phone as a modem or router to connect your desktop or laptop to the internet. This process works if you are … [Read more...]

Android Apps That Will Improve The Performance Of Your Device

history eraser apps

No matter what sort of Android device we own we always want our device to perform at its full capacity. But this is always not possible mostly due to the nature of the operating system. We install many different kinds of apps in our device and sometimes remove them when they are no longer fulfilling their … [Read more...]

Android Apps For Aspiring Writers

writing android

Are you an aspiring writer? You must be covering various events and shows where you need to write down what you see or hear for various articles that you publish. Then you don’t have to worry anymore because you don’t have to scribble anymore because now you can use your android device to take note of all the … [Read more...]

Nexus Tablet Or Asus Memo 370t Which Would You Prefer?

nexus tablet

If you were following our blog then you would have noticed that earlier this month we had published a post about the rumors that the Google tablet which is supposedly called Nexus tablet is going to be manufactured by Asus. The rumors were true because after we had published it a week later AndroidAndME and … [Read more...]

A Look At Lenovo IdeaPad A1: An Affordable 7inch Tablet


In one of our previous post we took a look at the most affordable android tablets that you can purchase and among them 7inch tablets was the most affordable without being too bulky for a normal tablet user. Well after taking a look at the tablet we can say that is the tablet that offers you the greatest value … [Read more...]