Vodafone Red Hot Service Allows you to Exchange the Phone for Every One Year

Vodafone Red Hot Service

Vodafone newly introduced the Vodafone Red Hot Service. Instead of getting phone at the discounted price, or being locked into the phone for two years, you can simply rent it.With Vodafone Red Hot service you can get a new phone every year with little or nothing to pay upfront-including the Samsung Galaxy SIII, … [Read more...]

Android 4.1 to Android 4.2 Mod Package For all Devices Running Deodexed 4.1 or Higher

Android 4.1 to Android 4.2 Mod Package

The android 4.2 Mod Package is now available for all devices that running on Deodexed 4.1 or higher. The XDA Senior Member safariking has released this universal mod pack that includes a number of android 4.2 applications.This mod pack is universal. The only thing you need to install the mod pack is a deodexed … [Read more...]

Why Should You Get An Android TV Box?


There is hardly a hard definition for the term Android TV Box; however, an Android TV Box can be defined as a small device that turns your TV into an Android Smart TV, the moment you connect it to your TV. Basically, the term Android TV Box is not official, and is used to refer to the device, because an Android TV … [Read more...]

How to Install Android 4.2 Keyboard with Gesture Typing

Android 4.2 Keyboard with Gesture Typing

Google introduced a brand-new input method on the stock android keyboard called "Gesture Typing". Basically it is Swype. There you drag your finger to type instead of tapping. Now, getting it on your device is easy those who wants to try this may follow the given below tutorial.Full credits will goes to the … [Read more...]

How to Install PACman ROM in T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S-II


The struggle to find the ROM you need is over. Some people like CyanogenMod 10, Some prefer AOKP and some like the advantages of Paranoid Android. You might think suppose if all the features of these ROM will be in one ROM how it will be? Your expectation is now fulfill. Yes, the PACman ROM is a unique ROM. It … [Read more...]

How You Can Enable PC Keyboard in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean?


I have managed to enable Android 4.2 version keyboard (as well as camera) on my personal Galaxy Note II, and you won’t believe how awesome it is. The kind of looks, the enhanced responsiveness, along with the fact that you are free to “swype” with it takes you on cloud nine. As a number of Android releases … [Read more...]

New Google TV Updates Brings Voice Search, You Tube and Prime Time

New Google TV Updates Brings Voice Search, You Tube and Prime Time

Last year, the Google TV received an update which adds the Google Play and simplified the entertainment discovery experience. The next update makes you to find whatever you want in Google TV. One good thing about the new update is it allows you to search even more faster and easier. The update starts to roll out … [Read more...]

Popup Browser Invoker : An app Opens the Popup Browser Without Clicking Links in Galaxy Note

Popup Browser Invoker

Usually Floating apps opens the window over your current screen, much like how it's done on desktop interfaces. The windows can be re-sized and moved. They allow the users to use the apps without taking up an entire screen.One such app is called Popup Browser. This app works well in Samsung Galaxy Note. The … [Read more...]

Google Drive and GMail are now Updated with New Search Modifiers and More Features

Google Drive

G.Mail: Google has introduced a new search parameter to Gmail's organic search function. It allows the users to search messages with a specified size, more flexible options, exact match and more.This means to find e.mails larger than 5Mega Bytes, you can search for size:5m or larger:5m. G.mail also introduces … [Read more...]

How to Unbrick Your Galaxy Player 5

galaxy player unbrick

Mostly people who want an exclusive android MP3 player then Galaxy Player 5 is the answer to your problem. Galaxy Player 5 is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s IPOD touch.Just like any other android phone galaxy player can be rooted and customized to your heart’s desire. You can even install custom apps and firmware … [Read more...]