How to Root Nexus 10 with ClockworkMod Recovery and SuperSu Zip

Nexus 10

Now the Google Nexus 10 users can root their device with ClockworkMod Recovery and SuperSu Zip. It is stress free and simple. Before start to perform this procedure unlock the bootloader and fully understand the directions.Please be aware that rooting your device may void your warranty. But without rooting you … [Read more...]

How to Unlock the HTC Droid DNA Bootloader in a Different Way


Here is a new way to unlock your HTC Droid DNA smartphone. All thanks will goes to the XDA Elite Recognized Developer¬†jcase, who has come around with this work.Actually, his procedure is different in a variety of ways, although the execution is very similar. Instead of writing a new CID for the device, jcase's … [Read more...]

How to Install the PACman ROM in T-Mobile Galaxy S III and HTC One S


PACman ROM is now available for HTC One S and the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III device. You might know very well PACman ROM is a combination of three ROMs.Full credits will goes to the XDA Recognized Developer klin1344 who has released the ROMs for both devices. Both ROMs are surprisingly stable and users can … [Read more...]

Falcon Pro : A Twitter App Available in Google Play Store

Falcon Pro Twitter app

Are you looking for a Twitter app with an innovative UI, Buttery animations and extra fast loading times and unique features then here is the perfect app for you; which is nothing but Falcon Pro app.It features a holo-styled interface that fits right at home on Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich devices and is … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus Android Phone was Leaked

Samsung-Galaxy-Pocket plus

Samsung plans to bring the Samsung Galaxy Pocket plus phone into the market. But as of now, there is no actual announcement done by the company. The leaked information reveals that the model number of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus is GT-S5301.The Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus would be running on the android … [Read more...]

ClockworkMod Recovery for Locked Bootloaders (For Rooted Sony Xperia T Only)

Sony Xperia T

The Sony Xperia T owners who have the locked bootloaders, but still have root can have the ClockworkMod Recovery by following this easy tutorial.Full credits will goes to the XDA Senior Member Sharaz22 released the popular recovery for the Xperia T. The installation process is very easy, just root your device, … [Read more...]

A Few Lines About Menus in the Android Phone

Context Menu

The menu options are very much important in android phones like Android Home Screen, Android External buttons and the Notification panel. In some phones, like Samsung Galaxy Nexus there is no menu in the home screen; it has only three touch sensitive keys for Home, Back and Search. When there is a menu key … [Read more...]

How to Return to Stock 1.15.605.4 for Verizon HTC Droid DNA


Many peoples do not know how to get back to the Stock in case something happens during flashing addiction. Here is the easy tutorial for them. This will be applicable only for Verizon HTC Droid DNA. So, don't try this in any other device.Before start to proceed please keep in mind that you must run this RUU … [Read more...]

All-In-One-Toolkit for HTC Desire C – Brings Root and Great Features


The All in One Toolkit was released for the HTC Desire S device. It gives root and other useful features. Full credits will goes to the XDA Recognized Developer hasoon2000 who has come up with this work.Some of the features of the All-in-One toolkit for HTC Desire are:Install HTC Drivers Get Token … [Read more...]

Akai Launched Android Powered Smart Box for TVs

Akai Smart Box for TVs

The Japanese electronics consumer firm, Akai announced the launch of an affordable smart box which turns any TV to a smart TV. It will take on Amkette's EvoTV another smart TV box launched earlier this year and the Portronics Limebox offer the similar feature at Rs 8500. Akai Smart Box: The Akai Smart Box is … [Read more...]