Date in Status Bar : An App to Show Date in Statusbar/Taskbar of Android Phone

Date in Status bar

One of the very little downside of the Android mobile is it doesn't show the date in the Statusbar or Taskbar by default. If we want we should touch the Taskbar or pull it down.But don't worry you can rectify that by installing the very simple app called Date in Status Bar. This app shows the day of the week … [Read more...]

Camera Mod for Xperia X10 which Brings Camera Improvements and More……..


Many of the developers focus on updating the older device into the latest version of Android. It does not mean that development comes to an end to the stock ROMs.Now, the Sony Xperia X10 users have a camera mod for their stock ROM to help make the most of the device's 8MP shooter and Zeiss glass.Full … [Read more...]

Microsoft Released the HelpBridge App to Get and Give Help to the People During Natural Disasters


Microsoft recently launched a new mobile app powered by Windows Azure called HelpBridge. This app allows you to ask help after a natural disaster, as well as offer to give it.In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the launch is an excellent initiative to meet everyone around one cause i.e supporting each other during … [Read more...]

How to flash Jelly Bean ROMs in Droid Razr HD and get your Modem Working with LTE Enabled

Motorola Droid Razr HD

In this guide we will explain you how to flash the Jellybean ROMs in the Motorola Razr HD and get your modem working with LTE enabled.In this guide the developer used the Australian Jelly Bean ROM but there is a chance to work with any of the Jelly Bean ROMS. If you want to try this in any other ROM then take … [Read more...]

How to Upgrade Motorola Droid Razr HD to JellyBean via RSD-Lite

Motorola Droid Razr HD

Many Motorola Droid Razr users find difficult to upgrade the HD to Jelly bean. In this article we have you to rectify the above mentioned problem.In this tutorial we have used Telstra rather than Orange and SFR because this two have many battery issues.DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not held … [Read more...]

Super Backup : A Very Good App to Backup Everything in Your Android Phone

Super Backup

Hi guys are you a lazy to make a separate backup for your apps, data, contacts, SMS, Calenders, Bookmarks Call logs etc. Then here is a very useful app for you.It is called Super Backup. This app is really a simple, yet functional backup tool that will allow you to make backups of various different things all … [Read more...]

How To Upload Videos To YouTube Using Android Smartphone and Tablet PC


You tube is a popular video-sharing website that everyone is aware much better than the Google Videos which was dumped very recently.Now you can easily upload your favorite videos in You tube directly in your Smartphone since the Android tablets have been evolved for better video recording at 720p and … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus Resembles the Galaxy Pocket with Only few Modifications

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus

Samsung plans to bring the Galaxy Pocket plus in the market very soon. One drawback of Samsung is it always concentrate on the quantity of the device instead of quality.For anything the quality only speaks but Samsung did not mind about that at some time. A very good example for this is Galaxy S2 Plus it is … [Read more...]

Toshibha Excite : 7.7 inch Android Tablet – Specs, Price and Availability


Most of the tablet manufacturers focus only on the firmware and they fail to focus on the quality of the device. The most famous Samsung and Apple used only the cheap plastic and fiber materials to make a device. They often tend to get scratches even after using the device judiciously.But fortunately, the … [Read more...]

SMS Replier : An App to Send Text Messages Automatically to the Missed Calls

SMS Repier

During sometimes like watching movie in theaters, spending time with family or playing games or wanna to sleep without disturbing we don't want to receive any phone calls or don't want to answer those phone calls.At that time, it would be really great to send an automatic text to those people who make a call … [Read more...]