How To Use Your Android Phone To Connect Your Desktop To The Internet


If you are having trouble with your internet connection and you need to use internet immediately to complete your work then you can use your android phone to connect to the internet. Yes you can use your phone as a modem or router to connect your desktop or laptop to the internet. This process works if you are … [Read more...]

Android Apps That Will Improve The Performance Of Your Device

history eraser apps

No matter what sort of Android device we own we always want our device to perform at its full capacity. But this is always not possible mostly due to the nature of the operating system. We install many different kinds of apps in our device and sometimes remove them when they are no longer fulfilling their … [Read more...]

Android Apps For Aspiring Writers

writing android

Are you an aspiring writer? You must be covering various events and shows where you need to write down what you see or hear for various articles that you publish. Then you don’t have to worry anymore because you don’t have to scribble anymore because now you can use your android device to take note of all the … [Read more...]

Nexus Tablet Or Asus Memo 370t Which Would You Prefer?

nexus tablet

If you were following our blog then you would have noticed that earlier this month we had published a post about the rumors that the Google tablet which is supposedly called Nexus tablet is going to be manufactured by Asus. The rumors were true because after we had published it a week later AndroidAndME and … [Read more...]

A Look At Lenovo IdeaPad A1: An Affordable 7inch Tablet


In one of our previous post we took a look at the most affordable android tablets that you can purchase and among them 7inch tablets was the most affordable without being too bulky for a normal tablet user. Well after taking a look at the tablet we can say that is the tablet that offers you the greatest value … [Read more...]

Fancy A Touch less Smartphone, Meet Xperia Sola


Sony has done it again and this time they beat Apple in introducing a revolutionary technology that might one day set the norm for the mobile device. Sony Xperia Sola is the first smartphone to feature a touch less capacitive screen. If you remember the news that a French company by the name Noalia was working … [Read more...]

Comparison Between Panasonic Eluga, Samsung Galaxy Note And LG Optimus VU


Samsung Galaxy Note was the first device that was aimed to fill the gap between the phone and tablet but 5inch display to some people might seem too big but to some people it might just be the right size. One thing you can be sure about that 5inches doesn’t make for a very compact device but if you are looking … [Read more...]

5 Best Privacy And Security Apps, Tips For Your Android

Lookout mobile security

Privacy these days is over rated but still we must protect whatever information we have. The device that we always carry around with us is our smartphone which contains all our information regarding our personal life and professional life. Not only our smartphone is at risk of getting stolen but also we are at … [Read more...]

Android Within The Skin Of IPad

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The Chinese manufacturers are great at producing marvelous products which features good performance while retaining the shape and size of some of the most popular gadgets in the market. First one was Meizu MX which is a droid that is designed exactly like the IPhone. From the shape to the home button everything … [Read more...]

10 Free And Useful Apps In Android

best and useful android apps

When you visit the android market you notice there are many different categories of apps are available and among those there are some apps that are useful to you on a daily basis and some which come into use occasionally. Rather than downloading most of the apps and finding out about each and every app we have … [Read more...]