Google Maps Update: 130 New Cities For Live Traffic Alerts

google-maps for android

The world’s most favorite mobile map, the search engine Giant’s own Google Map was just a month ago updated with the 3d navigation few days ago which was made for competition with the new Apple Maps and again the company has again updated Google Maps. This is one of the major updates coming this season. The app … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Update : Now The Rumor Comes About The Use Of Flexible AMOLED Display


We are now just days behind the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and there are further rumors creeping around in the internet. There is not even a single day that has been left around without any rumors and that will continue till the actual handset is announced by Samsung. It is reported by a Korean … [Read more...]

Dolphin Browser Update: HD Test With An Improved Address Bar

Dolphin Browser

If you are an android user you must be very familiar with the Dolphin Browser HD. The default browser in Android pre Jelly Bean versions had lots of bugs, so users had no other option other than to use the third party Android internet browser, and then it was a time that a new refreshed look browser was available … [Read more...]

CyanogenMod 9 Disappoints Lots Of Users: No Rollout For Snapdragon S1 Devices

CyanogenMod 9

As we all know that CyanogenMod is the best Android 3rd party stock looking ROM. Cyanogen Mod is in existence due to a great man “Steve Kondick”, he started making lot of changes into the Android source code and made a ruminant amount of changes. The changes directly changed the framework of Android and he … [Read more...]

Update SONY Xperia S LT26i With Official ICS 6.1.A.0.452 Firmware [How To]

Sony Xperia S ICS 6.1.A.0.452 Update

SONY Xperia S users have a reason to cheer up as over a period of article, we’ll be checking out a tutorial to manually install latest version of ICS 6.1.A.0.452 which is a generic firmware and can be applied to all SONY Xperia S devices. Please note that this is a global update. Well, applying this update … [Read more...]

Modern War Android Game Review: The Next Level Of Addiction

Modern War android game

With the Android platform taking up the heat and gaining momentum, the Google Play store is also not behind the heat. The increasing number of Apps daily in the Google Play store is making the platform more and more solid. The App count in Google Play store is not lagging behind iOS App Store and with the … [Read more...]

RIM CEO Admitting Of Possibilities For Shifting To Android


So we know Blackberry as one of the world’s most secured OS, but for years there was no major haul in the operating system which led to the fast decline in the shares of RIM. We definitely know that RIM is not in a good form and with constantly downfall of shares there is not much hope for the platform … [Read more...]

The Jelly Bean Wallpaper: A Coolest Live Wallpaper Experience

jelly belly wallpaper

Whenever the term Jelly Bean is heard the very first thing that comes in mind is latest Android version. Well there is a world beyond Android Eco-system where Jelly Bean is used as a desert. Jelly Bean Android 4.1 is a hot topic for Android right from the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version. The … [Read more...]

EA Games Makes Announcement Of the Iteration Of Real Racing 2


The developers from the EA sports and a new studio Firemonkeys have made an announcement of their new game Real Racing 3. Firemonkeys is the newly made studio which has made a collaboration with the gaming giant EA for the release of their new game Real Racing 3. The original Real Racing was one of the most … [Read more...]

Update Nexus S with JRO03H Jellybean 4.1 based Androxide Firmware [How To]

Nexus S JRO03H Jellybean 4.1 based Androxide Firmware

You might ever wonder that there’s custom ROM which has some relation with Chemistry. Then we got an all new firmware version of Jelly bean 4.1.1 which is firmware version of JRO03H and it’s out for Nexus S devices. Readers need to be informed that this isn’t an officially released firmware by Samsung or Google … [Read more...]