10 Free And Useful Apps In Android

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When you visit the android market you notice there are many different categories of apps are available and among those there are some apps that are useful to you on a daily basis and some which come into use occasionally.

Rather than downloading most of the apps and finding out about each and every app we have compiled a list of some free apps that might be useful to you in certain situations.

1.  Transparent Screen:

There is some important texts or message in your mobile when you’re walking and it’s so important that you can’t talk your eyes off the screen but also you need to be careful in that instant Transparent Screen app will be really useful to you.

The app uses the devices camera to turn your device into a portable heads up display that will enable you to keep track on where you are going at the same time taking care of the matter that is on your screen.


2.  Skyvi:

Skyvi is basically SIRI for android which uses speech detection and generation to provide a workflow like SIRI. You can dictate your queries and it will be answered by the device.

Best part of this app is it’s free and can work in devices which have android 2.2 and up installed.


3.  One Touch Battery Saver:

You might have lot of things that you perform with your android device and in such cases getting everything out of your battery is the most important objective.

One touch battery saver will help you to get maximum out of your battery life by implementing some power saving features that makes sure that even if you are busy the features that are being used at the moment are being shut down.


4.  History Eraser:

This is the perfect app for maintaining complete privacy in your device. After you are done using the device it erases all app data from the cache and also the list of frequently called contacts.

It also deleted the browser history thus the app makes sure that your secrets are safe.


5.  CamScanner:

This is a very useful app to convert documents in to images which then can be shared with your friends or over the social network. If you come across any important document then just launch the app and it will use the devices camera to scan the document and save it in the form of PDF file.

It gets the job done very nicely do give it a try.


6.  Voice Recorder:

Why you want to spend time on scribbling down everything you hear during a lecture or from your boss. Just use the voice recorder to record all the information and later you can transcribe it into words.

This app is very simple and very easy to use and soon you will find yourself recording every single thing you hear.


7.  AutoCAD WS:

If anyone is working in the engineering and industrial field then they will be familiar with the AutoCAD. Now an app is available for your android device.

You can view, edit and modify your design right in your android device as long as it’s a valid DWG file.


8.  Call Control:

If there is someone who is calling you continuously and troubling you then give call control a try. With this app you can create a black list and add number to it and save yourself the headache of annoying calls and SMS.

Another good feature is that if you add numbers to the white list only those numbers will be able to call and SMS you and any other number won’t be able to get access to you.


9.  Fake-Call-Me:

This is the perfect app for you when you want to escape from boring meetings or events. This app is very simple and easy to use.

Just set it up with a name and number which you can use to show the fake call. Use it and have fun.


10. No Lock:

Phone lock becomes annoying when you are using the Google Maps to navigate the streets and screen keeps on locking. Well to prevent that use the app No Lock.

As the name suggests it does exactly that and prevents the phone from locking up when you are using Google Maps or any other app.


There you have 10 free and useful apps that you can get from android market. Do let us know if you come across any other useful apps.

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