3 Best Android Apps For Brain Exercise And Memory Improvement

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In this era of software and app and very power computer on everyone’s hand we most often forget the very powerful computer on our body –our brain. Not only we forget the power of brain, we do not care about it to use the powerful computer. Without training our brain it’s like a very powerful computer without brain.

If these words make you to think about training your brain to get extreme mental ability to extraordinary thing you have to use you android phone now. Yes there are super effective  android apps for brain training and enhancing mental ability. Keep reading you will find them handy.

The Moron Test : Its time to prove you are not a moron!

Yes. Install moron test on your android phone and play with it to prove that you are smart and not a moron. This mind capability testing app is a kind of puzzle game and with different stage of challenges it questions your minds ability. You can prove yourself by playing and matching very funny animated pieces of puzzle and passing every stage proves that you are smart. Download it from Google Play to prove you are not a moron.

Brain Age test Free: Know how old you are by your brain

This super funny and effective app is to check your short term memory and with a scale map out your brains age. This is powerful application to improve short term memory. What this app does is very funny and simple. This app challenges your ability of short term memory. The interface will show you some bubble with a number and very short duration the number will disappear and now challenge is to taping the number in descending order. Here go to Google Play to get it Free to determine your brain age and play it regularly to improve your short term memory.

Memory Trainer: Challenging your brains capability

Capability of every brain is unlimited and it is possible only if you train your brain to such level. The saying is –use it or lose it. But it needs some strategic use of brain to get its most out of it. The Memory Trainer is the app to tweak your brain on a highest level to train it to its best. Simply this app will explain you the step by step to improve the memory and interestingly you can use it anywhere even standing on a bus stop waiting for bus. Get Memory trainer from Google Play now to train your memory to best level.

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