4 Apps That Will Help You To Make Local Backup Of Your Android Phone

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Making a backup of your phone is the most important thing that you should do on a regular basis. It is even more important if you’re into flashing different custom ROM in your android phone. Flashing custom ROM requires you to perform a complete wipe of your device and then install the custom firmware.

You don’t have to necessarily only make backup of your phone when you are about to flash your phone. You can make backups of you apps also and their data so that you can restore the apps easily without needing to download the app again.

You should make it a habit to make backups regularly because most of the times we don’t know what we have lost until we need it so make backups regularly. Now you may ask that android doesn’t have native backup support? But who needs native backup when you can download very good backup apps easily from the Play Store.

So today we have written this post in which we have selected some of the best backup apps that you can obtain from the Play Store and also different types of backup you can perform. Read on to find out.

1.       Nandroid Backup

If you have rooted your phone then there is a very good chance that you have also installed the recovery software and the most famous recovery software that is being used widely by majority of android users is none other than Clockwork Mod Recovery.

With clockwork mod recovery you can easily make a complete backup of your phone including the OS which is installed down to the SMS that you have received on the day you are making backup. The backup is made on your SD card. You can easily restore it with a single tap from the recovery. For extra security make a copy of the backup file to your PC.

2.       Titanium Backup

This is another powerful backup tool that is available to the rooted users. With this app you can make complete backup of your phone just like the Nandroid Backup. After you have installed the app launch it and then click on Backup/Restore tab and then click the menu button of your phone.

In the menu select Batch and in the next menu select {RUN} backup. In this menu you can select what files you want to backup whether system apps only or the user apps along with their data. Depending on how many apps you have installed the backup procedure can take from few minutes to half an hour. You can restore the apps easily with the restore function in the app. This app is available for free in the Play Store.

3.      MyBackup Pro

This app will work readily whether your phone is rooted or not. Once you have installed the app after launching it you will be presented with a simple user UI. After you select Backup you will be given the option whether you want to make backup of only the apps or their data also.

If you select the backup apps then it will show you the list of apps installed in your device and either you can backup a specific app or do batch backup. If you select the backup of the data also the backup will be saved in your SD card in ZIP format. This app is available as free trial for 30days or you can purchase it from the Play Store.

4.     Manual Drag And Drop

Now this isn’t an app that you can install and easy. This is an advice from us where you connect your phone to your computer and copy the data from SD card directly to your HDD which is very easy and takes few minutes to complete.  We advise you to do this regularly.


So we hope that our article was helpful to you and do let us know if you come across some other ways with which you can easily backup your phone.

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