4 Simple Steps With Which You Can Get Ice Cream Sandwich Home Screen On Your Device

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Since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich many of the devices have been getting their most long awaited upgrades but most of those upgrades are coming with the custom launchers of various manufacturers on top of the stock ICS.

Moreover most of the devices out there are not going to receive the upgrade to ICS because either the hardware is not sufficient to run the new Android OS or the manufacturers aren’t just willing to spend the time necessary to make your device compatible with Android 4.0

Well if you are among those whose device isn’t going to receive the android update and you really want a taste and feel of the Ice Cream Sandwich then there is a very easy way with which you can experience it.

Thanks to the developers and modders in XDA Developers, who have come up with a way to get the Ice cream sandwich look in your device which will provide you with the same experience and joy that you would have gotten by using a device with stock Android 4.0 installed.

This method will also work in all other running device very easily and you can boast to your friends that you have finally received the most awaited ice cream sandwich update for your device.

Ice cream sandwich OS offers the best looking eye candy UI out of all the other android updates that were released so far. There are many users out there who would agree on this fact very easily.

If you want to enjoy the ICS eye candy in your device you must have a rooted device. If you device is not rooted then you must root it because for the process to work you need to install a custom firmware specifically the Cyanogen Mod 7.

If you have been using custom firmware then you will be familiar with CyanogenMod 7 and its ability to use different type of themes.

4 Easy Steps For ICS Dress Up

After you have fulfilled the necessary requirement of dressing up your device with ICS home screen we have a prepared 4 simple steps for you with which you can start using the ICS home screens on your device.

  1. You need to download the latest Ice cream sandwich wallpaper package and install it. Then you need to download the Android APK and install it on your system
  2. Then download the latest version of ICS theme APK and save it to your SD card. You have to install the APK file with a file manager
  3. Open the theme chooser app and select the ICS theme
  4. After rebooting your phone you will have a new home screen that looks similar to the default Android 4.0

This process will only allow you to get the experience of using an ICS oriented home screens and menus. But if you want more extensive ICS feel then you have to modify the phone settings. For this purpose you need to download the ICS EXTRAS which includes the ICS icons and other animations.

If you have experience with custom modification of your phone then you can install Metamorph and change not only the icons but also the looks of many of your apps. To make the entire process easier you can also refer to a detailed tutorial which is available in the XDA Developer Forum.

We hope the 4 simple steps enabled you to get the look and feel of ICS and do let us know if you were able to tinker with your phone and get more intensive feel of Android 4.0.

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