4G Speed

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Right now in the technology space there is a lot of buzz about 4G and every major network provider is trying to tell you that 3G is a thing of the past and that you need the latest technology and hardware to support the latest 4G technology.

Some people say that 4G is currently not a fully developed platform and infrastructure to support a massive shift in consumer usage also the limits of the use of 4G networking has yet to be even thought about never mind leveraged.

4G Speed

Is the 4G Speed just a clever marketing tactic or is it something that can be of a lot of use to many mobile users.

Right now in the USA Verizon have the best 4G Speed in many locations, when it comes to download speed then Verizon win hands down but there latency the quality is very poor. So they are fantastic for streaming video and making calls, but they are effected in other areas.

T-Mobile are 2nd but there is a huge gap in the quality and the level of 4G Speed that Verizon offer compared to T-Mobile, At&T and Sprint. Verizon actually are 4 times faster when it comes to downloading speed than any of there competitors which is something that if T-Mobile, At&T and Sprint want to catch up on then they need to invest into faster 4G networks to increase there 4G Speed so that they can provide there customers a better 4G experience.

San Deigo and San Jose have the best download 4G Speed for Verizon but other cities such as New York also offer a great service, but San Jose is the fastest currently in the whole of the USA when it comes to downloading the 4G content very quickly.

4G is currently the 4th generation in network technology. 4G can currently support 100Mbit connections via wireless communication, meaning it can be harnessed on the move so there is no need for fiber optic cables or anything like that.

Going back in history 4G is not something that is brand new, it has actually been around for a very long time and was used in the first version of the internet which was called the darpanet.

The reason 4G was created is to support faster speeds on the move so that it can be accessed anywhere in the world and you can download content quicker than downloading it via other networks.

4G only really came to prominence when in 2002 an organization called International Telecommunication Union started to lay the first plans to use 4G’s Speed on a more commercial level.

In Europe, the city of London in England is the best connected city for 4G technology and offers fantastic 4G speed and connectivity to its mobile internet users.

When it comes to using for example an Apple iPhone the difference between the iPhone 3G and the 3GS models compared to the Apple iPhone 4S and 4GS models are totally different. The reason the iPhone 4GS model has the new Siri technology built in is because it is now quicker to ping Apples Siri servers via 4G due to it being really fast and get a result very quickly.

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