5 Best Addictive Games That You Can Find In Android

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You will be surprised at how many people are willing to spend hours after hours trying to get a perfect unbeatable score. But there are only certain games which make are worth to get the highest unbeatable scores.

Multiplayer games are also fun but let’s not forget about the single player games that provide fun which you can enjoy it the way you want.

There are many addictive games in the android market and best of all majorities of them can be obtained for free. In this article we will take a look at some of the best addictive games which you can obtain from the android market.

1.  Fruit Ninja:

This is one of the most famous addictive games to ever graze the android market. You will spend hours after hour in trying to slice up different fruits and avoiding the fruit bombs.

You will enjoy the fruit juice splattering on your screen as you slash them into pieces. Fruit ninja is fruit oriented action packed game which makes sure that you are kept glued to it for a better part of the day.


2.  Mission Impossible Free:

This is another action packed game which is in no way related to the mission impossible movies. You play as a secret agent who is takes mission from various characters in the game.

It is a 2D game which makes it more fun because the controls are easy to get used to and you can use it without getting frustrated at the controls. This is a game you must try.


3.  Yoo Ninja:

This is a very simple game but don’t be fooled with the simplicity of the game because by the time you realize it a number of hours have passed while you were trying to achieve the highest score.

In this game you play as a ninja who runs in a course and you control the actions of the ninja with a simple tap on the screen. Your aim in the game is to get the highest score as possible by reaching the main goal by keeping your ninja alive and running.


4.  iGun Zombie : FPS + Weaponary:

If you are a fan of the game left for dead then this should be the ideal game for you because it features similar settings fight through horde of zombies with amazing arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

This game is addictive as hell because it features very good 3D graphics and also the weapons you can use to get the highest score are amazing.



This is one of the best mobile RPG games that you can find in the android market because it features a very interesting story line which is complemented with a very interesting gameplay.

This game will remind of the classic RPG video games such as final fantasy or Zelda where you travel to a magical world and defeat the evil magical forces. This game will keep you hooked due to its engaging storyline.


There you have the 5 best addictive android games which will make sure to keep you entertained when you are bored. Do let us know if you come across some other addictive games.

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