5 Best Android Apps For Video Conferencing

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With the help of video conferencing, our lives have become a lot easier. You can stay connected with your old school friends, relatives and neighbors from old society. Now, it is possible to do video conferencing with your Android devices too. Below are 5 best video conferencing android apps.

1. Qik Video Connect

Qik is not only available for android but it is also available in iMarket for iOS too. However, there are many differences between both versions of Qik. There are 4 blocks on Qik for android and each block describes a different function.

The main functions of this app are video chat, video mail, video record or share and video gallery. The functionality of both versions is same but looks are different. Video mail is really an interesting feature of this app. The quality of video in Video mail is better than live video chat so many people prefer to go for it.

2. Tango

With the help Tango Android App, users can enjoy cross platform video chat. It simply means that if your friend is using iOS and you are using Android, still both of you can have video chat with each other. Fring also has this feature but Tango’s video quality is much better than that of Fring.

Another good thing about Tango is that you can make video calls over 3G and 4G networks too. It is very easy to find your friend by using this application. The app can search your address book for contacts that are using the same service. This will be done automatically so you can chat with your friends whenever you want.

3. Fring

One word that I can say about Fring is “User-Friendly”. The interface is very neat and clean. Even if you are using this android app for the first time, you will not face any issues. The video quality is very good, in fact I would say that it is impressive.

There is a little need of improvement in audio of this app but the best thing is that, it is free to download and use.

4. Knocking Live Video

The Knocking Live Video Android app, allows its users to share live videos from their phone to another phone. Previously, only iOS users could enjoy this beautiful app but recently the android version has been launched which we reviewed.

Just like Tango, you can easily share your videos on cross network platforms. If you are using an android device and your friend is using iPad, you can share videos with each other. If you want to use this app, it is available on Google Play Store for Free.

5. Skype

We all have used Skype at least once in our life. The good news for Skype lovers is that, the Skype App is available for android phones. You can install your Skype android app in your phone or tablet and stay in touch with all your friends.

So, above 5 are best-known video conferencing apps that you can use. It is up to you that which app you would like to use.

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