5 Best Multiplayer Games For Android

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There are loads of single player games available in the android market but playing the single player games often gets boring and at such times its worth having a multiplayer game in your device.

Having a multiplayer game is very fun because it will allow you to connect with your friends and play the game together. It gives a new meaning to the word fun and enjoyment because playing with friends is different than having to play against the game A.I.

So for the purpose of this article we have compiled 7 of the best android multiplayer games that you should try out.

1.  Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

You must have previously ignored the racing games that are available for android but you should definitely give this game a try because it features one of the most amazing 3D graphics that you will ever come across in a game.

You will play through virtual cities wreak havoc on other players and the city and earn cash. You can challenge your friends online with your customized cars and play against your friends in league matches and be the top on the scoreboard.


2.  Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

If you are a fan of FPS games then this the recommended game for you. Once you start playing this game you will notice many familiar settings that you must have noticed from famous FPS games in consoles.

You can customize your character and even the weapons. With the presence of auto aim feature playing this game on a touch screen device becomes bit easier. You can even host multiplayer matches across 6 maps which is great fun when you and your friends are shooting at each other.


3.  Pocket Legends:

This game falls under the category of massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). This is the game for people who have played world of warcraft as you get similar features. You can be a warrior, archer or an enchantress to save your world from invading zombies, aliens, etc.

The gameplay is simple not as serious as world of warcraft. This game is available for free in the market but you need to make in game purchases for various abilities and tools to advance in the game. This game is one of the most fun MMORPG that is available for android.


4.  Guerrilla Bob:

This is a very colorful game with good graphics and cute characters. But once you start playing all these things will be thrown outside the window because it’s one of the most action packed games you will ever play.

It is strangely similar to Metal Slug and you will play through a wide variety of levels using different types of weaponry to finish the levels. Best part of this game is that it’s multiplayer and cross-platform. So if your friends have it on their iPads or PC then you just connect with them and start shooting. It’s available from the android market for only $2.99 and is worth it.


5.  Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave:

This game is the successor the popular dungeon defender which features even deep RPG tower defense game that will allow up to four players to connect and play the game.

You can either become a fighter, archer or a mage and play through beautifully designed environment getting rid of the evil doers. If you have played the first version of the game then you will definitely love this game.


There you have 5 best multiplayer games that you can try out on your android device. If you happen to know some other good multiplayer games then do let us know in the comment section.

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