5 Best Privacy And Security Apps, Tips For Your Android

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Privacy these days is over rated but still we must protect whatever information we have. The device that we always carry around with us is our smartphone which contains all our information regarding our personal life and professional life.

Not only our smartphone is at risk of getting stolen but also we are at risk of accidentally downloading a malicious app that can also put our information at risk.

So now the question is how to secure our android device and also at the same time maintain our privacy? Well the answer can be found in Play Store (android market) but there are many security apps but how to know which one is the best and will do a proper job.

Well don’t worry we have compiled a list of some of the best security and privacy apps that will help to keep you safe.

1.  Lookout Mobile Security:

This is the best free security app that you can find in the play store. This app alone boasts around 15million users in android. This app has protected countless users from malwares and has kept them safe.

Some of the features of the app are:

  • Antvirus which will scan individual apps and checks for malware, spyware and Trojans.
  • Find my phone, it will track your phone even if your GPS is turned off and activates a loud alarm from myLookout.com
  • Backup and restore your contacts


2.  Lookout DroidDream Cleaner:

If you recall that few months ago Google had removed a bunch of apps form the android market because it contained a malware called DroidDream which is a very annoying and dangerous malware.

Lookout have developed a cleaner which will scan all your downloaded apps and make sure that no malware is present even if you happen to download and install the app from a third party source. This app is available for free from the android market.


3.  Lookout Plan B:

This is a very handy app through which it will be impossible to lose your phone because it will track your phone’s location online and also is able to track location of other people. But in the event if you don’t have any location tracking app installed in your device what will you do?

Well its simple go to play store and install Plan B remotely and once the app has started automatically in your device send a text to your device with the word “locate” and the location of your device will be directly emailed to your Gmail account. After receiving the location you can go and retrieve your device.


4.  WaveSecure Mobile Security:

This is also a very famous security app in the android but sadly its not free. Once the 7 day trial is over you will be required to purchase the full version at $20/year.

This app gives you the functionality of remotely locking your device and also wiping your device. It also scans your device for malware or any other sort of threats and you will also be able to create a backup of your device for quick easy restore.


5.  Security Tips:

  • Make sure to always have a password lock for your device. With the latest android 4.0 face unlock is a good security feature that you can use.
  • Root your device only when you know what you are doing and what are the risks involved.
  • Try to download applications from Play Store rather than using some 3rd party app downloader.
  • Always have an antivirus app installed
  • Make sure that all your data connections password are safe and secure.


There you have some of the 5 security and privacy tips that will help to keep your personal information safe. Let us know if you come across any other security and privacy tips.

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