5 Technological Innovations That You Can Expect To See In Android Devices

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Android devices are getting more and more mainstream these days mostly because of the flexibility they provide in terms of manufacturing a android device and also from the user point of view where you can customize the entire OS to your liking.

IPhone has been the next best thing in market other than android but in terms of technological innovation iPhone has been behind android in most of the areas either because apple deems them unnecessary or apple waits for the right time to add to their device showing they developed it.

There are many companies and research firms busy in researching and developing new technologies that will help to make our devices much more durable and better in the long run.

So let’s take a look at some of the innovation that the android devices will get before they are available in the most popular IPhone.

1.  Waterproofing Devices:

Several manufacturing have joined in an attempt to waterproof their devices. It appears they have been successful because at CES 2102 and MWC 2012 they have showcased new waterproofing technology that keeps the weight of the device down at the same time providing 100% water protection.

Fujitsu and Panasonic have showcased their devices which are waterproof and water resistant. So if you have lost your $500 device to water you don’t have to worry anymore because it’s never going to happen again.


2.  Self-Charging Technology:

This is a new territory that many researchers are venturing into because let’s face no matter how much huge battery you have in your device sooner or later you run out of juice.

Researchers in Cambridge have come up with a technology that will allow your phones battery to recharge through ambient lighting. Simply put you will get a solar panel type of display in your device that will use the lights from your display to charge your battery. How cool is that? This will make sure that you have enough juice till you connect to a charger for through recharge.


3.  Rapid charging:

With rapidly evolving specs of our phone we all need a battery that is able to charge in minutes to full and also that lasts longer. Well not to worry because researchers in Cambridge have come with a new three dimensional lithium ion battery which charges 100times faster than currently available battery.

Also these new batteries have long discharge time ensuring long hours of usage before you plug into the charger. These new batteries will soon be available in our devices thus removing the need for overnight charging.


4.  Hexa or Octo Core Processor:

This year at MWC 2012 NVidia have unveiled their Tegra3 quad core processor and already there are rumors floating around that NVidia are hard at work for their next gen processor that will feature hexa core or even octo core processor.

In January or February of 2013 you can expect to see Octo (8) core processor from both NVidia and ARM. So you can expect to see much more powerful devices that can perform the function of your laptops or desktop right in your hand.


5.  Transfer Jet:

This is a new wireless file transfer protocol that was developed by Toshiba in is incorporated in their devices. This protocol puts even WI-Fi direct to shame. You can transfer a 1Gb 720p video files in a matter of seconds with Transfer Jet.

It transfers file at a rate of 360Mbps of speed allowing you to send very large files between devices in matter of seconds.



There you have the 5 technological innovations that you can expect to see in android device. Some of them have already been demonstrated in android running devices at CES 2012 and more remains to be seen.

Do let us know if you come across any other technological innovation that you think android should get first.

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