5 Technology That Improved Due To Android Being Everywhere

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Android is slowly making its way to becoming the top smartphone OS in the market and will overthrow iOS and take the position of the king of the OS in coming years.

Slowly and slowly other technologies have started to incorporate android in their system in the form of deep integration. There are even household devices that can be easily controlled through your android powered devices.

In a way you can say everything is coming to reality that you have seen in various Sci-fi shows. Android is taking over the world little by little and we aren’t even aware of it.

In this article we take a look at some of the technology that has improved due to the existence of android.

1.  Watches:

Watches are a common accessory since as long as you can remember. Watch is required in every instance of our life to take note of our time. But in recent years watches have found new use in our life and it’s thanks to android.

Sony and Motorola have both launched smart watches that are powered by android OS and easily pair with your android smartphone with which you will be able to control your twitter, Facebook, calls, SMS etc.

Key features of Moto Actv smart watch:

  • 1.6inch display protected by gorilla glass
  • 600Mhz TI OMAP processor
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 8/16GB of storage
  • FM radio, Bluetooth, WI-FI


2.  Smart Glasses:

This is an awesome new product by Google that will soon be released and will give a new meaning to augmented reality.The glasses are a dream come true for sci-fi writers and also they will be designed to look something out of the sci-fi movies.

Here is some information so far that has been obtained from various rumors:

  • Heads up display as the image will be directly visible in your field of vision
  • GPS will be included
  • Head tilts and voice command control
  • Google maps, Google latitude and other Google service integration
  • Powered by latest android OS designed for the smart glasses
  • Specs will be similar to the latest smartphone


3.  Home Appliances:

Home appliances didn’t get this much interesting before Samsung and LG have decided to release smart home appliances that you can pair with your android powered devices.

Samsung and LG have already released some products such as fridge that come with a built in touchscreen that is running android and also a washing machine that shows how long you have to wait before the wash cycle is complete. Also you can read your twitter feed or update them as you wait. You can control those appliances through your smartphone.


4.  Homes:

Automating your entire home has been available for quite some time with a basic automating feature costing around $5000 to most intensive automating setup which can reach up to $300,000. Typical systems that can be automated are heating, cooling, lighting and alarms.

HAS is employing wireless products to help the automating procedure and recently Google have released android at home automating platform that will enable developer to develop apps that will help you to control the various aspects of your home from the most basic features such as door locks to what temperature your bath water should be heated.


5.  Smart TVs:

Having a smart TV is a good choice because it can connect to internet and also run apps. Also the smart TVs come with a built in camera with which you can make video calls. You can connect the TV wirelessly to your laptop or computer to stream contents directly to a large screen in your living room.

Most of the TV is coming powered by android and this year at CES Lenovo show cased a smart TV powered by android 4.0 which gives a whole new meaning to smart TV.

Key features of K91 smart TV:

  • Dual core snapdragon processor
  • More than 100 apps preinstalled and you can download more from Lenovo app store
  • 5MP camera for video calling
  • On demand video service
  • Face unlocking for parenting control
  • 8GB of built in storage.


There you have 5 types of technology that have been or will be vastly improved when android has been incorporated into them. It’s not long before we live in a world which is not different from that of a sci-fi movie.

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