5 Top Reasons That Make Android Tablets Better Than iPad

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Tablets are becoming more and more common these days because they offer portability and ease of use due to their extremely long battery life which you just can’t get with the latest generation of netbooks or laptops.

Moreover the tablets let you enjoy entertainment for a number of hours without getting worried that your battery is going to run out. You can also perform the same task on the tablets that you would use a netbook to perform namely checking mails and keeping your social network updated.


The king of tablet is iPad because of the ease of usability and also due to the availability of huge number of apps that were tablet specific. But you will be surprised because Android tablet is slowly catching up to the iPad.

There are two reasons why android tablets are catching up to the iPad

  • The availability of cheap tablets
  • Huge number of utilities that is available for the android tablets which will never be found in an iPad.

When you are going to buy a tablet many people will recommend you to go for an iPad and before you do take some time and read through this article in which we have outline the top 5 reasons why an android tablet would be a better choice.

1.  Option To Buy a Tablet Of Different Sizes:

Many people will say that it is difficult to carry out bulky devices and other such reasons but at the end of the day what really matters is the size of the display that you are going to use.

If you rely heavily on a tablet then a bigger screen would be a good choice but if you use a tablet occasionally then a moderate sized screen would be good choice. Luckily you can get android devices ranging from 7inch all the way up to 10.1 inch. You also get different manufacturers such as Asus, Samsung, Acer etc. each offering tablets in different size and thickness.


But if you decide for an iPad you only get one choice of size that’s it.


2.  Multitasking:

The main reasons that will put off a gadget enthusiast from ever buying an iPad is its inability to multitask. Apple refuses to incorporate the multitasking functionality in its devices claiming that it shortens the battery life. But when you are using a tablet you will have more than one app running and in such cases you need multitasking.

On the other hand android offers true multitasking and also the battery life isn’t that much affected as Apple claims. The latest Android 4.0 offers a task manager which you can display with a click of a button from where you can launch the recently opened application or close the apps that you don’t need with a swipe to the right.


3.  Notification System:

Another area that apple lacks is in the notification system although with the release of iOS 5 Apple was able to incorporate a notification system but it’s far from perfect.

Whereas the notification system in android has been available since the day it was released. With the release of the latest Android 4.0 the notification system has been further improved which allows you to control what notification you receive and how you access them.


4.  Syncing Not Required in Android:

The major complain that you will from majority of the Apple users is that the need for them to sync their device to itunes whenever they need to update their content or transfer any sort of files to their idevices. This becomes very annoying and more so when you have jailbroken your device.

But with android devices you don’t have the need for syncing every time you transfer files or update your device. You can do directly from anywhere.


5.  Available Utilities:

With iPad or any other apple product you don’t get much when you buy the tablet. There are lots of features missing that you would otherwise find in an android device.

Every time you want to transfer files to your iPad you need to connect it to itunes which is yours and not someone else but with Android you just plug and play in any of your friend’s computer and you can transfer and share data.


Well what to say, iPad is a truly unique product which provides ease of you. You can perform all the functions of iPad on an android powered tablet. But if you are into tinkering and want the most out of your device then android tablets would be the device of your choice.

There are many cheap and affordable tablets coming out this year be sure to check out our post and do let us know what you think whether iPad is better than Android tablet in the long run.

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