6 Tips On How To Get Free And Cheap Apps For Your Android Device

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Having apps in your android device is a very useful thing because sometimes you don’t know where the apps will come useful. But not all apps are available for free and some of the apps might set you back.

So in such situations obviously you would like to go for the free android apps. So in this post we have provided you with some of the best 6 tips that will allow you to get free and cheap apps for your android device.

1. Try The Free Version Of The Paid Apps From Play Store

You must have heard about some apps from you friends or read about it in a review but the app is available only in paid version so instead of purchasing it you can browse the Play store for the free version because most of the time the free version is available along with the pro version so give a search.

The free version mostly offers all the basic functionality that you require but if you are looking for more additional functions then you can purchase the pro version.

2. Install The Amazon App Store

Amazon app store is a great alternative to the Play store because sometimes they feature certain apps that aren’t available in the Play store. Another great thing about the Amazon App Store is that every other day they offer a paid app for free so you have to keep your eyes open for that offer.

The problem with this is that you need to check every time so to get over it is to install the amazon free app reminder for $0.99 which will update you about the free apps that are available so that you can download them.

3. Browse GetJar

This is a great alternative to paid apps for android. They regularly make available some of the most popular paid apps in Play Store for free. Getjar also works with carrier to provide free apps to their subscriber.

4. Holiday Sales

Holiday season are the best to grab some of the popular apps in the market for free or for a very cheap price. Due to festive mood of the developers they make most of the apps available for free for a short period of time or make them available for a very affordable price of $0.99.

5. Free Alternatives To Paid Apps

If you are unwilling to spend cash on a app then you can give a search in the Play Store to find some great alternatives to the paid apps. The alternatives sometimes provide much better features then the paid apps so give the alternatives a try.

6. Enter Contests

Sometimes the app developers like to give away some of their apps for free to their loyal fans but sometime the giveaway comes at a price because the giveaway is available only to the first N readers or commenters.

Sometimes the app is available to user who has retweeted or commented on the app that led to its improvement. If you follow sites like Android Appstorm then you get chances to win various apps.

So there you have some of the tips that will allow you to get some of the best apps for free and cheap. Do let us know if you come across some other tips that might help you out.


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