A Blessing For A Cult: The Cult HTC G1 Gets Android “Jelly Bean” Port

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Are you aware of the HTC G1 Dream; it was the first Android phone ever released long ago at 2007. So did you ever have the privilege to get hands on with the phone ever?

If no then it would be very difficult as the number of devices are quite low and one of the most old specification phone. Now this device was blessed with the latest version of Android Jelly Bean courtesy the Cyanogen Mod team which could bring the CM10 working in the phone.

The developers in XDA just don’t let the phone to get buried. The phone was released for a hope of launching the new OS. We need not to say anything about Android in today’s Smartphone industry.

The device was powered with a single core processor of 528 MHz only and contained a 192 Mb RAM which was good considering “Those” days. The device had a good 3.2 inch display with an LDPI resolution 320 x 480 with a pixel density of 180 ppi.

Android is where right now it’s due to the Motorola Droid which was shipped with Android 2.0; this was the best device and it unleashed Android features and customers understood the real deal of Android and it went on to become one of the most successful phones of all time.

We have seen the latest devices released last year only and they are not eligible for getting upgraded and this phone has got updated due to the CM10 port. We have made a video too showing you that how the device is running.

The developers did not give up on it after porting the Android Ice Cream Sandwich and now they do not seem to be tired at all.

The version is Beta and has some bugs. The hardware being too old is not supporting Hardware Acceleration. There are still more things to be get fixed but this may happen soon.

The Navigation is sloppy and lags too and cannot be recommended for daily use.

Till then you can enjoy the Android Jelly Bean port on your G1 and feel the ultimate power of Android and not only that you can brag too in front of your friends about the Jelly Bean running on your G1 while it is not supported by most of the phones now.

We have only one thing to say long live Android and long live its effect in the community.

So what do you think of developers and Android? Isn’t it the best OS till date? Share with us…

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