A Few Lines About Menus in the Android Phone

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The menu options are very much important in android phones like Android Home Screen, Android External buttons and the Notification panel. In some phones, like Samsung Galaxy Nexus there is no menu in the home screen; it has only three touch sensitive keys for Home, Back and Search. When there is a menu key provided on the phone, it serves a lot of uses-On the home screen, on the apps pages and within the applications also.

The menus in the Android phone usually opens at the bottom menu key is pressed on any particular screen or application, or when the item is pressed for longer than just a touch. The menus are two types Options menu and Context Menu.

1. Options Menu:

The options menu contains the tools of the particular app or the ongoing activities on the current screen. Usually it can be activated or opened by pressing the menu button. The menus appear only if there are some additional tools or functions available for the particular application or screen. The menus have a maximum of 6 menu items in two rows, and if there are more options in the list, they would appear under the “More” item that is the bottom right menu item in the list.

2. Context Menu:

It is something that applies to some specific area or item that you are using on the screen. For instance, if you are using the phone application and there are a list of contacts, long pressing a contact name would open a popup box of options and this is the content menu, which wouldn’t have opened if you had pressed the Menu key in the bottom. The Menu key would open the menu for the entire phone app, and the long pressing of the particular section in the same app would open the options for the same.

When you are in an application that opens up advertisements before the app even opens, you are left with no option on the screen to exit that ad and move ahead in the app, except the Menu button which gives the option to skip the ad.

It isn’t a necessity to categorize the menus but to understand the Menus better, the larger and generalized menus are the options menus while the ones that appear within the app are the context menus.

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