A Guide To Install Apps To SD Card Without Rooting Your Phone

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Rooting is the best option one user can opt for in his android phone because rooting will allow full control of your device and also you can use your android phone to its full potential.

But rooting has its ups and downs. First when you root your phone you lose the warranty of your device and second during the rooting process you might end up bricking your device. As a result most users don’t opt for rooting their android device.

One of the benefits that you get from rooting is that you can move installed apps to you SD card. So now the users who don’t want to root their phone how can they move their apps to SD card?

Well don’t worry because we have prepared a guide for you that will enable you to install apps directly on your device’s SD card without the need for rooting your phone.

Things You Need

There are a couple of things that you need to do and have before we begin with the process of how to install apps on your SD card.

  • Move all the apps that you have installed on your SD card to your phone memory to avoid any data loss
  • Download java development kit (JDK) and install it on your PC
  • Download android software development kit (SDK) and install it in your PC
  • Install your device’s PC suite software
  • Enable USB debugging on your device by going to settings > applications > development > USB Debugging
  • Disable the firewall on your PC along with antivirus softwares so that it doesn’t interfere with the process.

Instructions For Installing Apps On SD Card

After you have followed the above list now it’s time to begin the procedure on how to install the apps on SD card

  1. After you have installed both JDK and SDK open command prompt and navigate to the directory where android SDK is installed and type the command android to start the android SDK manager
  2. After android SDK manager starts click on tools tab to check whether Android SDK tools and Android SDK Platform tools are installed or not.
  3. After you have made sure they are installed now close the android SDK manager
  4. Connect your device to your PC with the USB cable
  5. Now on the command prompt switch to /platform tools folder inside where Android SDK is installed
  6. Now input the command adb devices to make sure that your phone is properly connected and is recognized by your computer
  7. After your phone is recognized now input the command adb shell pm getInstallLocation to see the current install location and it will show one of the following values 0, 1, 2
  8. Default value will be 0 so you need to change it value 2 so that the installation of apps are done to the SD card
  9. So on command prompt input the command adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2
  10. Now unplug your phone and restart. After restarting is done now you will be able to install apps on your SD card easily.


There you have a simple guide with which now you will be able to install apps directly on your SD card without the need for rooting your device.

Do let us know if you know of any other method by which you can install apps directly on to your SD card.

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  1. Fmartiak says:

    vedeli by ste mi poradit ci sa daju presuvat aplikacie z telefonu na kartu bez tohto?…..pretoze aj stiahnute aplikacie mi uklada automaticky do telefonu a chcel by som to vyriesit nejak….a ked si dam spravcu aplikacii je tam sice presunut na kartu ale neda sa to……nejde mi to neviem ale preco….netreba mat nieco povolene alebo tak?…..

    • Sathishkumar says:

      Ahoj, nemyslím si, že budete môcť presunúť dáta alebo aplikácie z telefónu na kartu bez toho, aby po túto metódu. Povedali ste, že tieto aplikácie ste sa presťahovali chýba. Myslím, že to bude niekde skrytá. Páči sa skontrolovať všetky skryté súbory pomocou počítača a som si istý, nájdete je niekde inde.

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