Acer Iconia Tab A210 – [Preview]

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For a long time, Acer was not that much interested in making smartphones and tablets but recently, the company has decided to introduce a new collection of its Iconia Android Tablets. Acer Iconia Tab A210 is another tab from the Acer Iconia family.

Let’s take a look at the specification and configurations of this new tablet and try to understand what impact this tablet can leave in the Android Tablet market.

Acer Iconia A210 Tab


This tablet can be considered as a high-end android tablet because NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor having clock speed of 1200MHz is installed in this tablet. This can give you an idea about the performance speed of this tablet easily.

1GB of RAM is installed in the Iconia tablet which is supporting its 8GB internal storage memory. Not only that you get a rear camera of 5MP in this tablet but there is also a front view camera of 1.3MP as well.
The tablet can support external MicroSD card storage facility as well. It has the ability to support at up to 64GB of external storage memory.


There is no option to use any cellular network in this tablet. So, if you want to buy a tablet with the help of which you can send and receive SMS messages, make voice calls then this is not the table that you are looking for.

However, you can connect the device with Wi-Fi to use internet and make online voice/ video calls. In order to transfer file data between two devices, you can use the facility of Bluetooth 2.0 or A2DP technology.

GPS is installed in this Iconia tablet to for location sharing. You can know about your location and get information about any location with the help of Maps.

Standard USB can be attached with the tab to transfer data. Along with the Micro USB port is also given with the help of which you can connect your device with a computer and transfer data easily.


The screen size of this android tablet is 10.1 inch which is quite good for those who want to use this tablet to watch movies and live matches. The screen resolution is 1280×800 which means, you can enjoy high definition video streaming and you can also play high quality games as well.

Weight & Dimensions

The weight of the tablet is 711.6 Grams which may not be very attractive very for many of you but looking at the features of this device, I can bear with this much weight.

Height of the tablet is 10.24 inch, the width is 6.89 inch and the Depth of the device is only 0.49 inch. Over all, this is a good package for you.


Latest version of Android OS 4.0.4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is pre-installed in this android tablet. It means that if you want to use a high-end android tablet then Acer Iconia A210 is best option for you.


No doubt, Acer Iconia A210 Android Tablet is one of the best tablets that are available in the market at the moment. A person can really enjoy using this tablet as it is equipped with latest technology and very fast processing CPU.

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