AirDroid 1.0.5 Bringing Host Of New Features And Improvements

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AirDroid is the best wireless solution to manage your android device through your web browser. This app is already available in the Play store from quite some time and is very famous among various android users.

But now there is an update to this app that brings a bunch of new features that will make managing your android device much easy. When airdroid was released it attracted almost 1 million users because it allowed them to easily manage their android device. Now the new 1.0.5 update is sure to make many airdroid users happy.

Read on to find out the host of new features that new 1.0.5 update brings to the app.

New Features And Improvements

If you are already using airdoid to manage your device then the very first thing you will notice in the update is the new user interface both in the web browser and in the app. The new UI has been more polished and looks much sleeker.

The app has been made more secure with new security protocols because airdroid now utilizes HTTPs protocols to allow a more secure connection between your android phone and computer which will prevent other people from accessing your connection and messing up your data.

To connect just launch the browser on your desktop and type in and at the same time launch the app in your phone to see the passcode which you need to type in the webpage to establish the connection. Or you can also use your phones camera to scan the QR code to establish the connection.

Some of the new features that are available in this update are the Speed Install and Speed Upload. With Speed Install you can easily install APKs from your browser directly on your phone. Speed Upload will allow you to upload files to your phone via the drag and drop feature which lets you drag the content and drop them in a box which is displayed on the browser.

Other than installing apps and managing media you can also create four separate desktops that will allow you to control different aspects of your phone more efficiently. You can also manage your call logs, music, contacts, messages and many more.

Another best feature that has been introduced in the 1.0.5 update is the ability to take screenshot very easily of your device. This feature will be welcomed by many developers and app reviewers because it will allow them to transport the screen shot directly to your browser so you can easily edit or manage them.

So there you go some of the new features that have been introduced in the update. To give a go at this new app you can download it for free from the Play Store.

Do let us know what you think about the update and if you have used the new version of the app then let us know your thoughts about the app.

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