Amazon Android Smartphone Is On Testing- Plan Is To Take Smartphone Marketshare

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It is obvious that the battle will continue. Big guys are never to stop this, For tablet market Google,Apple Amazon, Samsung everyone is trying beat one another.Moreover on smartphone platforms the battle is very intense too,  But there was one thing unseen on this battle. That is A smartphone from Amazon.

Now its time see that part of cutting edge technology battle for smartphone. Yes, its not even more than week the rumor is coming through the smartphone community that Amazon is bringing up a smartphone of their own.

An Android Based Smartphone From The Biggest Seller Online

Yet now we just know that the device is on testing stage without know the possible time of releasing the phone or who will primary be selling the handset? Its pretty much obvious that Amazon is a huge with its physical product marketplace and they wont need others to market it. But it wont be even surprise if they let others to release it.

Android Globe is full of highly amazing handset and the question here comes about Amazon (kindle ) smartphone is-how they will bring up the new things on the android word and would the price range will be low end to beat the market share or it will be the same old strategy of amazon like they did for “kindle Fire“?

Now according to Bloomberg News we have come to know that the manufacturer is a china phone company who has already been working on building this smartphone and along. The unnamed source mentioned that Foxconn Int. is the phone maker of the Amazon smart phone even though it seems like everything from specs of amazon smartphone to its marketing strategy is going on very secretly and private.

No other prediction or leak is not available yet now about this smartphone of Amazon. As we see there are lots of infringement issues are coming with smartphone patents and lots manufacturer are being caught by to pay huge penalty, it seems like Amazon is doing it to completely be away from those issues.

Yet now, there is no information about specs and the operating system is not known. It seems like lot more to come from Amazon to give a huge shake to Android, in fact whole smartphone globe .

The device we see yet now from Amazon are on peoples hand even though kindle fire is pretty much high end device. So it wont be much surprising if  this new member of Amazon family is with a price tag like high end tablet kindle fire. The only reason i predict that because if amazon knows one thing at best, they knows how to sell to people.


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