Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features Which Can Make Your Phone Joy To Use

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Combination of sweetness of Honeycomb and crisp of Gingerbread in the shape of new Android Ice cream sandwich makes Android more tasty for its users. It’s a treat for Android users from Android developers.

Google wanted to merge all android versions in one version, the version which can run in the devices like smartphones, Android tablet, Android TV, Android watch, Android portable media players etc.

Did Google made it as they claimed about it? ”The best Android we’ve ever made yet” read below to know more about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and its features.

Multi-Tasking Button

A virtual button is included in Android 4.0 for browsing and switching to apps you that recently used. Instead of just icons there are thumbnail images of apps through which users can see which part of app is currently running in the background. If you want to throw away an item from the list simply flick the thumbnail to do that.

Instant Screen Shots With Button Press

Many times you need to save screenshots for later use. For this purpose, in previous versions users had to install apps. But in Android Ice Cream Sandwich it’s a built-in feature, just hold the power and volume down button together and your smartphone will go instantly in screenshot mood.

Improved Notification Bar

Google has made many improvements in Notification Bar as users can now remove items from notification bar one by one. By flicking an item to the right, users can discard that item from the notification list.
You could just remove all notifications or let them stay untouched in the previous versions. Users can control music playback on Notification Bar.

Improved Text and Voice Input

Android 4.0 provides more faster and responsive keyboard than other versions, it includes upgraded dictionary and spell checker which gives you options when you are done writing one word. Copy and paste is now very easy by using Android 4.0. It also provides the facility of voice-to-text just speak in the mice and phone will convert your voice into text. It can also translate expressions into symbols.

Face Unlock

In new Android 4.0 there is no need of pin codes or passwords because now Android provides much faster, easy and interesting security system. This security system will recognize the face of the owner. Just by focusing your face into camera, your phone will detect your face and it will unlock. There is no need to type anything, no need to remember anything, just look into camera and your phone will recognize you.

Data Usage Monitoring

Android 4.0 has the facility of graphical display of data which your phone is using. By setting how much background data an app can use, users can get more control on their device.

Above mentioned are the main features of Android ICS which every user should know before using his/her new Android Ice Cream Device.

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