Android 4.2 Google Wallet App Magic

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LG Nexus 4 is the latest model presented by LG with Android 4.2 system installed. It withholds the capacity to run many applications which aren’t available to the publically. With the help of the compatible system in LG Nexus 4, we are subjected to many new music and Gmail applications.

Other than all of this, with android 4.2 available in the market, XDA forum member jyeley5 has proudly created the new “Google Wallet” application which is now available, all thanks to the core of Nexus 4 system dump. As one might see it at first, the new Google wallet application may seem to have no massive changes, yet users of Verizon Galaxy Nexus think differently.

One of the major changes seen in the Google wallet app is that a customer is capable of applying for “prepaid card refund” by Google which was previously unavailable with the current application. There are obviously many other recommended and noticeable changes one should try. So for all those current users of Google wallet app should consider this as a better option.

Now for everyone interested, here’s a quick view as per how to install the android 4.2 Google wallet app. But one must bear in mind that this is only applicable for android 4.0 and 4.1 ROMs.

Installation of Android 4.2 Google Wallet App!


Download Google wallet. Download link.


Extract the zip file which was first downloaded as an outcome of step 1. It will be named Wallet.APK this is the APK file that we originally need to install for Google wallet.


Copy the APK file into your device.


Allow unknown sources to access from the settings menu. This option will be present in the security settings of the device in the setting menu. By this you allow applications from your SD card to be installed.


Go to application settings, enter all tabs, search “Google wallet”, select it by clicking on it and then choose clear data to reset the Google wallet settings and to update it.


Install an OI or ES file manager or explorer to browse through your storage data card. Any other file manager will also work as long as it is from the play store.


Open the file manager and start surveying. Look for the APK file that you had copied in step 3 and start the installation. This takes no more than a minute or two and your set to go.


Now just run the Google wallet App from your menu. Installation is complete and it should run smoothly.

With android 4.2 Google wallet applications, you can bring about many changes and consume the built in changes for your betterment. It is utilizing what you have to produce the best results that counts. Google has always presented quality as well as quantity in applications and well in every field it has stepped in. The android 4.2 Google wallet is an amazing hit. It will more or less take over many other competitive applications of its type for sure.

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