Android Apps For Aspiring Writers

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Are you an aspiring writer? You must be covering various events and shows where you need to write down what you see or hear for various articles that you publish.

Then you don’t have to worry anymore because you don’t have to scribble anymore because now you can use your android device to take note of all the events that you are witnessing or hearing about immediately with few taps on the display of your display.

So if you are an android user and also a writer then we have compiled a list of apps that will help you to get your job done easily.

1.  Evernote:

This is one of the famous and most downloaded app in Play Store. Evernote allows you to do everything instantaneously and also you can sync the notes you take with your PC very easily.

Some of the features of the app are:

  • Write important notes
  • Pin photos
  • Create to-do lists
  • Record videos to create notes
  • Record your own voice to create notes and also attach pictures to them.


2.  Springpad:

This is another great app for the writer with which they can make their life easy. You can use this app to take notes, create-to-do lists and also search for products, movies and place.

You can use the integrated web clipper to save the important texts from the internet and use the built in bar code scanner to scan for product information. Good part is that this app is available for free in Play Store.


3.  Notepad:

If you are looking for much simple and easy app that will help you in writing then Notepad is the ideal app for you. The app comes with preloaded themes which you can tweak to your liking.

Moreover you can use different fonts that are available in the app to create different notes that will help you to identify them just by looking. You also be able to pin a note to your homescreen.


4.  FreeNote:

If you want a note app that will allow you manual writing then freenote is the best app for you because it combines manual writing along with typing.

You can also draw illustrations as a rough sketch so you can remember what you saw and heard. Additional features of the app are voice, photo and video support, calendar, alarm etc. If you own a Galaxy Note this is the best app to use with the S-Pen.


5.  Writer:

This is a very clean and sleek word processing app that will allow you to take very easy note. This app is available for free and you will fall in love because of the simplicity of the app.

6.  Mindjet:

This is a best app for an aspiring writer that will let you organize all the notes that you have taken. You can organize the separate notes to create one single note.

In addition you also get different mapping tools such as link, colors and different icons that will help you to get your job done.


There you have some of the best note taking apps that will help you to get your job done. And we have made sure to list the apps that will be useful to you.

Do let us know of any other apps that will help a writer such as yourself to get your job done more easily and efficiently.

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