Android Apps For Healthy Food Lovers

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There are many types of food out there but there are some that are beneficial to you and some are harmful to you. Yes I am talking about the foods that cause you to become obese.

Most often people complain how to prepare healthy food and how many types of healthy food are there and all. Don’t worry because we have compiled a list of best food apps from the Play Store that will allow you to prepare healthy foods and also a variety of other dishes and recipes that go easy on your health.

Now you can use your device to become a good chef and also maintain your health perfectly. Read on to find out about the apps.

1.     Recipe Search

If you have trouble finding out good recipe then worry not because recipe search will provide you with hundreds of recipe right on your finger tip. The app is developed by one of the internet’s best recipe site.

The recipes are available in the form of texts and also video. The video guide will help to clear your doubts if you don’t understand the text form. To get an understanding the app features every kind of dish like main courses, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, soups, stews and diet recipes.

You can even create your own recipes and share it with your friends. You also get the ability to save or bookmark your favorite recipe.

2.     Food Planner

This app will help you to plan your meals and also help you to keep track on what recipes you have to buy and what you have to prepare. Other than helping you plan on what you want to eat you can also find out recipes of different varieties of dishes.

Food planner will help you out by keeping track of the recipes that you need to buy the next time you head to the supermarket so that you’re never late on preparing your favorite dish. This app is available for free from the Play Store.

3.     Meal Plans – Food on the Table

If you have been looking for a top rated food app in the Play store then Meal Plans – Food on the Table is the app of choice for you. This app will collect the all the information from your local supermarket about the recipes you need and then display you the result which includes sales.

As a result you can save on your shopping and organize what you have to buy. The best part is that the app is available for free in the Play Store.

4.     Fast Food Calorie Lookup

This is a very interesting app because it will provide you with information on calorie of various foods that you take.  This app has a list of 150 restaurants in the US. So when you go to the restaurant you can consult this app to find out how much calorie you just ordered.

This app is very informative with a simple UI and the best part is that the database is available offline you don’t have to go online every time to find out the amount of calories that you are about to consume.

There you have some of the best food apps that are available in the Play Store and do let us know which app you liked and also which enabled you to maintain a healthy diet.


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