Android Apps For Music Lovers

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Rejoice music lovers now you don’t have to suffer anymore just because you couldn’t listen to your favorite music or couldn’t capture the name of that amazing song that was playing on the radio as you were driving or walking down the street.

There are loads of apps in the android market which can help you to manage and categorize your music easily but we have decided to pick only the best and share them with you.

So now with the best music apps you can enjoy and have the time of your life so read on to find out more about the apps and what they offer to you.

1.  Pandora:

If you are a resident of US and also you like to listen to internet radio then you are in luck because Pandora is the best internet radio that you can across. But sadly this app is available and works only within the US.

The best feature of this app is that it has a music searching feature which can search for the music you like and accordingly display the stations that play the genre of the music you like. It also has a widget which will allow you to control the radio from your home screen.



This is another popular internet radio app and you will be happy to hear that this app will work for you anywhere you are not restricted to US only. This app is available for free and the best thing about this app is that features a wide variety of radio stations of different genres and languages, and you can select which suits your taste.

You can listen to the free version but there are ads in between songs. You can sign up for the premium version from their official website and listen to songs without ads and also in improved quality.


3.  Shazam

This is a must have app in your android phone because sometimes you just come across a song and you need to know the name then you can use this app to find out. Sometimes you just remember the catchy tune so just hum it to the app and it will search and find the song name for you.

In addition to finding out the song name it will also provide you a youtube link where you can view the video and also purchase the track. Download this app for free from the Play Store.


4.  PowerAmp

If you have been looking for a powerful MP3 player that will allow you to control all the aspect of the music you are playing the PowerAmp is the app for you.

It features an easy to use graphic equalizer and also various audio enhancements that will bring your music to life right on your phone. This app is available with a 15day trial after which you need to purchase the app which is available for $4.98


5.  Listen From Google

This is the best app for you that will allow you to get into podcast habits. You can discover, search and also subscribe to the thousands of podcasts all over the web.

You can search to what matches your interest and discover new talents in you.


There you have some of the best apps for the music lovers and we hope they have been helpful to you. If you come across some other good music app then do let us know.

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