Android Apps That Will Help You On Your Travels

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You must be on the road frequently travelling from place to place either you just like travelling or mostly it’s due to business purposes. Either case when you are travelling to a new city or place you are unfamiliar and have to refer a map or ask for directions just to get to the place you want.

At times you don’t receive accurate directions and other times it just gets annoying to refer a map always. If you own an android device then all your travelling just got easier and more fun because we have compiled a list of apps that will greatly help you in your travels.

1.     Smart Gas Free

Being on the road and looking for gas stations that offer good discounts have never gotten this easier. Unlike other gas station apps that gives you the location of different gas location on the road this app will also notify you about the discounts and special offer that you can get from a specific station.

The gas prices in the app are updated regularly and also with this app you can calculate how much gas you are going to need for your entire trip including the return trip. With this app you can easily find the gas stations that offer you cheap gas. SmartGas free is available for free from the Play Store.


2.     Nearby Place Finder

When travelling to a new place you can find yourself in some emergency situation or in need of some extra cash for refueling or need to buy something. In such cases you need to find the effective solution immediately near you and this is can be achieved by using Nearby Place finder app.

This app uses your current location to point out either an hospital, ATM, petrol pump or airport which is very near you. The app also allows you to retrieve contact information about the specific place and also look it up on the Google Maps.


3.     Street View On Google Map

When travelling to a new place a map isn’t always helpful if you don’t have an idea what the place looks like. Because if you don’t know what the place looks like you can end up passing by it several times before realizing that you are on the right location.

Street view will allow you to see the places that you are about to visit and also bookmark the various locations that you are intending to visit. You also get a 360 degree view of the street image so that you can get an idea how the place looks. The only drawback of this app is that only famous cities or streets are available and the less famous ones will be difficult to find with this app.


4.     AAA Roadside

One of the annoying parts of travelling is when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the journey. In such cases you need immediate methods of transportation by sending you the location and also receiving the new mode of transportation at your current location.

This app will allow users to send their location detail or the American Automobile Association and wait for their confirmation call so that can receive a technician who is nearby you to fix your vehicle as quickly as possible.


So there you have some of the apps that will help you in travelling. Do let us know if you come across some other apps that will help you in your travels.

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