Android Apps That Will Improve The Performance Of Your Device

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No matter what sort of Android device we own we always want our device to perform at its full capacity. But this is always not possible mostly due to the nature of the operating system.

We install many different kinds of apps in our device and sometimes remove them when they are no longer fulfilling their purpose. But the apps that we uninstall are not completely removed but leave behind some files.

These files tend to take up space and over time can cause your device to slow down and not perform at its efficient state. At such times you would usually go for a complete reset of your android phone but it’s not always feasible.

For every problem there is a solution although it might not be true in all cases but in the case of android it’s very much true. There are different apps in the android market or Play store that can help you to maintain your device and also increase their performance.

So in this article we have compiled some of the best apps that can help you to increase your device performance and also provide you with complete maintenance which will prevent your device from ever slowing down.

1.  History Eraser:

You use your android browser for finding information and also use the android market to download apps. But all this also means that there are data copied into your clipboard and cache which in due time can cause your entire system to slow down.

History eraser is the app brought to your by the developers of ATM and which makes your life very easy. With the touch of a button you can clear your browser and search history, call log, texts messages, clipboard data and also the cache files. It will help you to free up memory and space. This app will also help you to maintain your privacy.


2.  Android Assistant:

This is a must have maintenance app for your android device. It boasts a total of 18 performance enhancing features that allows you to complete manage your device without any worries. This app has got a rating of 4.5 in the android market so you can see how much useful this is.

With this app you will be able to:

  • Backup and restore app
  • Clean your device of the apps that require web connection
  • File manager
  • Batch uninstall
  • View your device status in the form of pie chart which makes more sense than numbers.


3.  JuiceDefender:

One of the basic steps to enhance the performance of your device is to first enhance and manage the battery drain of your device. The more you have control over the battery life the more you can get out of your device.

Juicedefender will help you by managing the features that drain the battery most like web connectivity and CPU speed. In juicedefender you get 5 different preset profiles which you can use to suit your needs to maximize battery performance. In addition you can also manage your screen brightness and Bluetooth connections.


4.  Volume Control+:

Enhance your devices volume for better clarity and loudness during playing music or watching videos.

In addition you can use this app also to control your phones vibration intensity and also the tones and intensity for different alerts and notifications.

There you go some of the apps that will help you to improve the performance of your device. If you come across such other apps then do let us know.

About Sarvesh Darak

Sarvesh Darak is a blogger, an online marketer, a social media specialist and an Android Lover. At Best Android Blog, he writes Android news & tutorials for Android Rooting. He is the tech head and ensures that the blog keeps running at good pace. He also looks after all the SEO and promotion work. He’s from Surat, India and keep contributing regularly at the blog.


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