Android Apps That Will Make The Day For College Students

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College has become more challenging these days but thankfully due to the emergence of android smartphones and various android apps the college life have become somewhat easy and less hectic.

But still the trouble isn’t over because if you are on a scholarship then you need to maintain a perfect grade so that your scholarship isn’t cancelled. Also due to the availability of android phones you don’t have to carry heavy books around anymore.

So we have prepared this post for you which will outline some of the important apps that will help you to go through college more easily. So read on to find out more.

1.     Virt U: The Virtual University

If you have missed out on going to some of the famous university of the world then don’t be flustered because you can have those famous universities right on your phone. With the virtu u app you can watch the lectures from those famous university rights on your android device.

Also you can save those lectures for offline viewing and the app also offers limited social media interaction where you can discuss with other students regarding the lecture. This is a must have app for any college student which you can download for free from the Play Store.


2.     Kindle For Android

With this app you don’t have to carry heavy books in your backpack anymore. Kindle for android will allow you access to most famous eBooks that will be necessary for you. The list keeps on growing as more and more books are being digitized.

You can easily read those books on your android phone or tablet without the need for carrying those books around. With this app you can purchase new books, read journals and even newspapers. You can even specify your reading experience so that you don’t get tired while going through your course.


3.     Cash4Books Scan & Sell Books

You have graduated or have successfully completed a semester then you can easily get rid of those books with Cash4Books Scan & Sell Books and also earn some cash at the same time.

Cash4Books Scan & Sell Books is an online service that will allow you to scan the bar code of your books and fetch a price from buyers and then you can ship the books to them while you can opt to receive your payment either via paypal or mail in check. This app is available for free in the Play store.


4.     Alarm Clock Xtreme

Staying up till late night finishing your book and then getting up early next day for an important lecture can be really difficult for a college student and you end up missing that lecture. To help you get up on time Alarm Clock Xtreme is there for you.

This app has many programmable features that let you specify your alarm according to the way you want. You can be assured that with this app you will never again miss any lecture and always be on time. You can try this app out for free from the Play Store.


So there you have some of the apps that will help you out through your college life. If you know of any other apps then do let us know.

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