Android Apps That Will Make Your Life More Meaningful

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With all the stuff going around you and all the work in your life is enough to drive you over the edge. Among all this craziness sometimes we look for some kind of help that will just give more meaning to our life and also make our life tad bit easier.

Over the years of using Android I have come across some of the apps that have made my life really easy to manage. With those apps I was able to arrange out my daily routine and also plan my next moves accordingly.

Some of these apps have been available since the Symbian days but now since they are available in android they have gotten some more features that create a good experience when using them.

In this article I have outlined some of the apps that helped me to make my life more meaningful and easy to manage and hopefully they are also able to help you in same way that was a help to me.

1.  Automatelt:

Some people prefer android over iOS because majority of the android apps that are available they provide complete access and control to your phone’s settings.

What sets this app apart from other such apps is that you can set some actions such as turning off WI-FI when you’re out of range or turning off 3G when WI-FI is detected automatically without you worrying about every single thing. There are many such settings available in the app which just makes your life much easier and let you concentrate on more important stuff.


2.  Android2Cloud:

This is an app that will allow you to view websites on your chrome PC browser when it’s difficult to view them on the mobile web browser.

When you’re browsing and you come across an interesting link but it’s not opening on your mobile browser or the pages is too large then just share it with android2cloud and the webpage will open up on your chrome browser. The only downside is that it’s little difficult to set up and involves the installation of chrome extension and set up the app and also connection to your Google Account.


3.  ChromeMarks:

If you’re having loads of bookmarks on your chrome browser and sometime those bookmarks are important in your work then you need the help of this app.

This app will automatically sync all the bookmarks in your chrome web browser and best part is you don’t have to do the syncing but it is done automatically every time you open the app. If you go for the full version which costs $1.25 it will offer you with automatic scheduled syncing, full bookmark editing along with integration of the bookmarks into the stock android browser.


4.  Widgetsoid:

Widgets were first introduced by android and it is what sets it apart from the iOS. Widgets help you to make accessing your favorite app very quick and easy.

This app will allow you to create any kind of widgets and link it to any or all of the phone features. You can now create widgets of all the apps in your phone and resize them in such a way that all of them fit in your home screens. You also get the option to customize the widget so that it matches your current them.


So I hope this app will make your life much more easier by enabling you direct and easy access to some of the features of your phone letting you spend less time in going through menu after menu for the thing you’re looking for.

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