Android Apps without Which Android Phone is Incomplete

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There are approximately more than 150,000 apps in the android market which makes it very difficult for a new android user to find out the app which might be useful or not.

To make your decision at choosing what apps you should have on your phone we have presented some of the apps in each category which can also be labeled as must haves.

We have covered the apps in various categories to make it much easier for a new android user to differentiate and identify.

Customization Apps:

1.  Free Advanced Task Manager:

This app will allow you to monitor the resources of your phone and how much is been allocated to various apps and such. You can even use it to uninstall and close apps.

2.  Linda Manager:

This is android version of the popular windows explorer because it provides similar functions. With this app you can easily navigate through your phone and do copy, paste and rename folders, files just like you do in your PC.

3.  Backgrounds:

This app will provide you with excellent high quality wallpapers. Every time you connect to the internet you can check the latest and new wallpapers and even save it to your phone for sharing with your friends.

Communication Apps:

1.  Opera Mini:

Opera mini is a great mobile browser that will help you to save on your data subscription as well as providing you with fast web page loading and browsing.

2.  Google+:

Famous social networking app for the android that will allow yout o send instant messages, share videos, photos and update your social groups.

3.  WhatsApp Messenger:

Another communication tool, that lets you connect with your friends and families in your contact group easily.  It sidesteps the SMS and MMS limitations especially the international SMS charges.


Camera Apps:

1.  Camera 360:

This app will allow you to modify an image, add visual effects along with modifying the color and resolution of the photos taken with your camera phone.

2.  Barcode Scanner:

This program allows you to scan the bar codes on different packages to find out more information on them. You can even use it to scan different QR codes and download apps directly from the web. This program allows two way communications thus enabling you to share files via QR codes.

3.  CamScanner:

Use this app to turn your android phone into a portable scanner. Now you can scan any documents you see and even convert them into PDF’s and upload them to the internet for easy access or for sharing with your friends.


Entertainment Apps:

1.  PowerAMP:

This is a powerful android media player that supports a wide variety of audio file formats and comes with a equalizer, arrange playlist and set a song as an ringtone. You can even download themes for this app.

2.  Army Sniper:

This is an android game that uses the phone’s accelerometer to control the sniper. It’s a fun and interesting game.


Security Apps:

1.  History Eraser:

By keeping your phone and browser history clean you can prevent the entry of malicious software and other security risks. This app even erases your logged calls and along with other search history.

2.  Where’s My Android:

Misplacing the phone can be at times be annoying when its in silent mode. Losing a phone is also a serious problem. This app allows you to bypass the silent mode and ring the phone in maximum volume and also allow you to locate your missing phone via the phone’s GPS.


These are some of the Apps that your android must have. Let us know if you know any apps that’s a MUST HAVE

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