Android Based Gaming Console: Ouya To Offer A $99 Console Ahead Of Google

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Even though dramatic domination of smartphone market Google people are not to beat the market of game consoles. If we look at how every Google product is taking place over market its pretty much smart marketing.

They are very good at distract people from other products and take a bite of them then swallow them entirely. But for Google TV it’s not happening like that right. If they would start over mini game console featuring with Google TV its simply understandable that they would indirectly beat ps3 or xBox.

Even though the big guy is not doing so there is a company who are staring the best AMR chipset inside small console units as android gaming console at very affordable rate of $99.00

The company name is Ouya and they are introducing the first android gaming console with some surprise to gamers and developers though. With an ecosystem which is truly open for game developers and most importantly with a intention of making all the games free.

Ouya is about to offer very impressive system of this android gaming console with:

  • Ability to self-publish own game into the system.
  • Ability to connect all the TV with the console.
  • Ability to stream medias right from the console.
  • Ability to create own game controller.
  • A developer kit to manipulate the system with truly freedom to developers.

Their marketing strategy of price tag $99 with all above features seems to rush the gamers and developers.

This mini gaming console can beat others if the platform flexibility continues to grow like this.

Google guys have been keeping quiet on gaming console but they have included controller support on android ICS 4.0 and also there are some online gaming service on Google TV to play with but still there are no significant step is seen.

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