Android Finally Defeats iPad True Or False?

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These days the internet especially any sort of tech site are flooded with information relating to Apple and all the technology they have developed and integrated in their new products and how android is lagging behind and can’t catch up to apple in terms of functionality and ease of usability.

Even I have read some reports and analysis that Apple has dominated the android market and is gaining rapidly and in coming years android is doomed to fail.


Let me tell you why? Without being too biased to android or apple I have chosen to remain neutral and have looked at the situation and what I can say that Apple is losing in the tablet market. It is true apple have ruled the tablet market with their IPad since last two years since it was revolutionary from all points of view.

I say this because of the availability of the low cost tablets with android and iPad can’t compete with android tablets in terms of cost.

iPad Most Of The Time Doesn’t Offer What People Want

Tablets in recent time have gained popularity due to their portability and long battery life. But there are people who sometimes don’t have the kind of cash at hand to go for a high end tablet such as iPad or have the cash but they aren’t willing to spend that much money for a tablet.

It is true iPad will dominate the market for high end tablets for years to come but that is a small customer base whereas on the other hand android manufacturers have aimed at the customers who are looking for a cheap and affordable tablets and that is a very huge customer base.

iPad 3 is most expensive so far costing about $829 but you can get a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet for just $199. Even better you can also aim for a quad core tablet such as Asus Memo 370T for just $250 that gets the job done.

So see the huge price difference between iPad and android tablet. Now you can argue that iPad3 is expensive just because it was just launched but you can also take the example of iPad2 which costs twice as much as android tablets.

This year Asus, Amazon are geared up at releasing the following low cost tablets:

  • 10inch kindle tablet
  • Asus Memo 370T for $250
  • Nexus Tablet for $200

These three products provide such a good incentive to the people that they will go for the low cost android tablet rather than iPad as a result iPad will lose the dominant position in the market and slowly might go the way of IPod becoming extinct.

iPad Mini Combats The Low Cost Android Tablets

After the launch of iPad 3 rumors are stating that Apple will soon launch there 7.85inch iPad Mini at Apple’s Event which is held in September. If rumors are true then ipad mini will face rivalry from the Nexus Tablet will be released in May.

I will agree on this point of view that Apple is pioneer when it comes to new technology because they are the first one to create a touch screen phone and also a tablet so releasing the ipad mini is a simple thing to them. If they do it they can compete with android in the low budget market.


So what do you think? Whether ipad will go the way of ipod or not? And whether android will be supreme in both the tablet and phone world? Do let us know in the comment section.

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