Android Jelly Bean – What’s New & What’s Old?

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Google has launched Android Jelly Bean (4.1) which is also selected for Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Users had expected the Jelly Bean to contain some great and improved features. Let’s take a look at the new features of this new OS.

New Keypad & Voice Recognition Typing

Keyboard and voice typing is improved in Android Jelly Bean. Keyboard is improved over the 4.0 and voice recognition can run without internet connection. This seems to be a great addition for Android OS.

Home Screen Widgets

In the previous versions, it was impossible to move widgets from the crowded home screen but now with Android Jelly Bean, it will automatically move widgets to the free home screen or resize the widgets to fit in the new one.

Improved Photo Album

Photo gallery is improved in Android Jelly Bean and now it has latest features which were not available in any previous versions. Users can navigate through their galleries in much faster and smoother way. A new feature has been introduced which allows users to delete or view previous and next photos by swiping.

New Notification Styles

Google has also changed the Notifications Bar which can support actions now. If users have a notification of a missed call in this case users can call back from inside the notification pull down menu.

High Resolution Contact Photos

Android 4.1 offers high resolution contact photos 720 x 720 which makes contact picture truly beautiful. Users can store and retrieve photos at actual size or other size as needed.

Smart App Updates

Android Jelly Bean provides app update facility in a very easy mood. When a developer publishes new app update, Google play will only deliver the updates instead of whole app. Through this facility previous app will install updates in a smooth way. It would be 1/3 of the real size of the app.


Android 4.1 devices now have the Chrome standard browser. Google is thinking to take Chrome at next level as they have decided to launch a Chrome OS in future as well. Making chrome as default browser for Android is the best thing done by Google this year.
There are so many features in Android Jelly Bean and definitely now users have a vast range of apps and features with their new Jelly Bean. Google Nexus has a Powerful camera which can turn capture mode from standby mood quickly and has a fast capturing facility.


A high quality sound system is also included in it and users will definitely enjoy their new Android OS aka Jelly Bean 4.1. Google has made many improvements in this latest version. It has face unlocking option which is fast and easy way to unlock your phone as there is no need of any password any pin codes.

Just put your face in front of the camera and it will recognize your face. Voice to text convert feature is more advance in Android 4.1, just speak in mice and phone will translate voice in text. It can also translate gestures. Chrome was not available in previous versions as built-in browser but now it’s available in Android Jelly Bean as a default browser.

ICS was the best version so far and users liked it very much but it’s time to move on and try the new Android Jelly Bean. I’m sure users will like it very much more than ICS and find the Jelly tastier than the Ice Cream.

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