Android Rumours: Google Android To Loose Tablet OS Market

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It has been rumoured that Google Android will loose the tablet OS market by the end of the year 2012. This may come as a shock to some people to hear this information as most people think that Google Android really have a major chance of being the number 1 in the market with the recent acquisition of Motorola by Google so they can start to actually develop there own hardware.

Android Tablet Market

In the last 12 months alone people are choosing to purchase the Apple iPad instead of a Google Android tablet, they would rather spend more money on a product which gives them more features and has better support. Although when it comes to people on strict budgets for example I know 2 people personally who have just purchased cheap Android based tablets, 1 is for a child and they didn’t want to purchase an iPad as the child may damage the tablet and another person they wanted to purchase a tablet for there business and they work in the construction industry and they wanted there tablet device to take onto building sites and again didn’t want to spend extra money encase the device was damaged.

So with regards to the market, people who are buying the Android tablets are mostly due to the fact that they are cheap and if they get damaged then its something that they can replace as there is currently cheap Android tablets available on the market for between $99 and $149 compared to the Apple iPad which is $400+. You can in some cases buy 5 or 6 Android tablets compared to buying just 1 Apple iPad.

Some industry insiders have tipped 2012 to be the new era or Apple vs Microsoft. Its a new market, its not the desktop PC any more its all about tablet computers and now its a case of Microsoft Windows 8 tablets and the fight against the already very popular Apple iPad tablets.

Apple and Microsoft both have huge amounts of industry experience creating great software, Apple have more experience creating great hardware but now Microsoft understand that to get ahead in the industry they may need to look into creating there own hardware also, possibly getting the team who developed the Xbox 360 gaming console to help them create a new tablet computer that will rival the iPad.

When it comes to security on the tablet devices, Apple and Microsoft already have the infrastructure in place to deal with security problems. Virus’ and Malware is a major issue for Microsoft computers, not so much Apple. When it comes to security, I know Google Android does have a free AVG anti virus application which comes in the Android Market so you can download it, but I think its seriously going to be an issue where people will trust Apple and Microsoft even more than Google due to the experience they have in the space due to there success of there operating systems.

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