AndroPlatina Utilities Tool For Recovery Flashing, Unrooting, Fast Booting And More

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Hey all, today we present to you a tool which is a pretty handy for all those of you who are new to rooting and rooting processes, this one is sure to help you guys around the process.

Here is the AndroPlatina which is coded with C++ and can easily get you do a couple of things by just clicking a button or so on your Android phone. So, the processes it covers are Recovery Flashing, Unrooting, Fastbooting etc.

Many user who find it very troublesome to go around with each of the process and wait for hours before they can actually start off with their device’s rooting or any other process, can now finally take a deep breath and rest because the AndroPlatina has just made the whole of the process more like a touch button software thing which works just fine without a user handling and watching over it for any troubles.

The utility is currently under high maintenance and carries the following features:

  • Recovery Flasher
  • Any Device Unrooter
  • Bootanimation chnager
  • Fastboot Flasher
  • Recovery tools
  • Kitchen tools
  • Apk Installer and batch installer.

The utility has been tested with around 90% of the popular devices and is quite surely the perfect choice for you device too. So don’t worry about the compatibility.

As aforementioned, the utility is currently under regular maintenance and is being made ready for purposes like:

1. Complete Fastboot flasher.
2. Any device Unrooter.
3. Complete recovery tools (Almost all things which recovery can do).
4. Kernel flasher.
5. Logcat collector.
6. Bootanimation changer.
7. OTA .exe (Publish ROM updates in form of exe and flash them via PC by a simple click).
8. Complete kitchen tools (A alternative to dsixdas kitchen).
9. Any device tweaker.
10. Complete Theming Engine (An alternative to UOT Kitchen).
11. Font changer.
12. APK Installer.
13. Suggestions are very much welcomed!
14. A good UI.
15. Cross Platform.
16. Recovery porter(Will be part of kitchen tools).

Isn’t it wonderful for all the features it provides us and saves us a load of time by not making the whole process dead long which does nothing but the same in a hour long time and a constantly watching and worrying user over it.

So if you’re wondering as to where is the download link, well here it is and make sure to choose for the latest versions in those mentioned below;

AndroPlatina Utilities v1.3.0

AndroPlatina Utilities v1.2.0

AndroPlatina Utilities v1.1.0

AndroPlatina Utilities v1.0.1

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