APK Batch Installer Making Your App Life Easy With Backup and Restore In One Go

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Android devices are one of the most versatile devices you could have ever used. There are thousands of apps in the Google Play Store with which you could do almost everything with your phone. You have apps for almost every occasion and use.

The most important and useful apps are the apps with which you can backup and restore your apps and settings because even if something does goes wrong with your android device you can easily restore your apps.

If you are always flashing new custom firmware and trying to see which one fits your use nicely and perfectly then it must be pretty annoying to restore all the apps one by one and at one point you just give up on restoring the apps that you have installed on your phone.

But now thanks to an XDA developer’s senior member Hamsteyr, who has developed APK Batch Installer which will enable you to backup, restore and rename all the apps in your phone with a single click right from your windows PC.

Now no more you have to go to each and every APK file you have to install the apps and no more annoyance and irritation as this tool will enable you to restore your favorite apps after you have flashed a new custom ROM.

APK Batch Installer A Windows Based Tool

APK batch installer is a windows based program which can be used after you have connected your phone to your PC. With this tool you can back up all your apps in one single APK file with which you can easily restore all the apps.

The good part is that the windows tool was designed with a very simple and easy to use user interface which a complete novice can use. All you have to do is connect your phone to your PC with USB cable and let APK Batch installer tool do it job under your instructions.

APK batch Installer will also allow you to install apps directly to you SD card so you don’t have to move the apps to your SD card after installation is complete. APK batch installer also supports wireless ADB transfers.

If you are worried that after installing all your apps you have to again individually configure the apps then don’t worry because APK Batch installer after backing up your apps will present you with a screen from where you can choose which app data you want to save.

After restoring the apps you will be again presented with a screen with which you can restore the data of the apps that you had backed up.

Another useful function of APK Batch installer is the renaming of the app. The tool will make sure to rename the app to their proper name so you won’t have to worry what the APK’s are named during installation process.

For APK Batch install to work on your device you need to root your device first and also you need to have USB debugging enabled because this tool will install the ADB on your device.


If you really like this tool then you can download it for free from the development thread of XDA forum. Do let us know what you think about and if any other tool that makes life very easy.

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