Apple Copying Android Features – No One Cares Except Android Users

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It is true that whenever a new version of iOS is rolled out in market by Apple, there is a big shout by Android users that they were already using most of those features in their Android Smartphones. However, nobody seems to pay attention towards what Google lovers are saying Apple gets all the hype in market.


There is no doubt that many of the features that are usually introduced in newer versions of iOS are simply a copy of Android features. Android users say that Apple is late again with the new features and now they are just following the examples set by Google.


My Personal Opinion

If you are a smartphone user who really takes interest in smartphones then you obviously know this is totally true. I have personally reviewed many of the features introduced by iOS and one thing that I have found is that, many of the features are copied from Google.
However, the thing that is needed to be considered here is that, Apple users really don’t care about it. They have only one option to use iOS and that is to buy an iPhone. So, even if Apple is late in introducing the new features, the users of their technology don’t care about it at all.

Why Apple Always Win?

Apple has got the most loyal customer database. You will see Android users experimenting with other devices and operating systems but you will seldom find an Apple user to go for a non-apple device. A loyal customer of Apple likes iPhone as their handset, iPad as their tablet and iMac as their laptop.

That is quite strange reality that iPhone users will wait for a new feature to be introduced by Apple than to go for any other operating system of handset. For example; so far iPhone users didn’t had the option to attach a file with the email that they were writing. However, this option will be added in new iOS 6.
Still, iPhone users don’t seem to complain and remain patient until the update is rolled out by company. Why is that? This is the same question that I had in my mind. One point that I have concluded is; iPhone users feel proud to be an owner of iPhone and tend not to compete with others.

Problem With Android

On the other hand, if you look at the Android users, due to so many handsets in the market, they are always competing with each other. Not only that they are competing with other Android users but they are also competing with the Apple’s customers too.
Apple’s customers know that the company will take its time to roll out a new feature and that is why they are always patient. They wait for the new feature, stay calm and benefit from it once it is introduced by the manufacturer.

Is There A Solution To This Issue?

Still, I feel the pain of Android users. It is really a sad if you are using a feature for over 6 months and no one cares and when the Apple introduced the same feature after 6 months, world goes crazy to get that feature.

Perhaps, Google needs to pay some more attention towards branding their image. In my view, this is the only solution to this problem.

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