Apps For TV And Movie Streaming

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Android is the most popular OS till date coming second to the iOS. The reason android is gaining this much popularity because of the availability of incredibly diverse applications in the android market. You have an app for almost everything.

The most popular apps are those apps that allow you to stream videos or movies directly on your android device. Ofcourse there are lots of such apps available and who doesn’t like it. Everybody likes to spend their time either watching a movie or a video either they are waiting for their train to arrive or waiting to reach your destination.

This article will feature some of the best streaming apps that are available on the android market.

1.  Giant Bomb Beta

This is a very popular app in the android market. It offers lots of categories to choose from and you will be guaranteed spending your time choosing from a rich collection of videos in different categories. The best part of this app is that its free and there is no paid version of it.

2.  VLC Stream and Convert:

Here is another popular video streaming app in the android market. The best part of this app is that it will allow you to stream music and video directly from your PC. It is true that it is little difficult to set up with your VLC player in your PC but the effort is well worth it. Now every time you want to watch a video you don’t have to get up to your system you can just stream the content via WI-FI directly to your android device. This is also a free app.

3.  Youtube Mobile APP:

The most popular video streaming service is now available for the mobile for free. Although it comes preinstalled in most of the cases in some devices its not present. You can just download it for free from the android market. Youtube is one of the most popular video streaming service which is available till date. Instead of watching the video through your mobile browser which requires that your browser support flash this app doesn’t need such requirements. Moreover this app is also battery friendly as there is no flash involvement. There are lots of channels to choose from and you can spend hours browsing through and watching the videos.


This is an exclusive app that will let you watch your favorite TV program’s episode for free. This app was developed by CBS interactive and it features channels such as CBS, CNET, Showtime, CBS news and many more. This app is good for watching your TV episode when TV isn’t near you.

5.  TV Show Stream:

Another TV app through which you can watch full TV program episodes and most of them are featured in HD. This app will browse through the internet for the videos that will be perfectly played on your android device. This is not a free app but it is worth it when your spending $5 on it because most of the shows are in HD and if you have a good WI-FI connection near then you wont ever need a TV again.

These are some of the popular apps streaming video apps that are currently used by thousands of user. Head over to the android market to give them a try.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome recommendations for streaming apps. I didn’t know about Giant Bomb Beta but I will be giving it a try as soon as I get home from my shift at DISH tonight. The Youtube app is great, it’s everything you would expect from Youtube on your phone. I had for a while but there wasn’t enough content. The best streaming app I have come across is the DISH Remote Access app. It lets me connect to my DVR through my Sling Adapter. I can stream all of my Live TV channels as well as set and stream DVR recordings as long as I have access to a 3g, 4g or WIFI network connection. I can basically take my entire satellite service with me on the go!

    • Thank you Adam for letting me know on another TV streaming app. I will be sure to mention it on my future posts. Appreciate your help and keep me updated on any app that you may come across that makes android more enjoyable

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