Apps That Will Help You To Calibrate Your Android Battery

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Getting most out of the battery in our android device is a very important thing because not only it ensures that we are always connected but also enables we to enjoy the different apps that we have in our device at time when we are bored.

If you’re an enthusiastic user of an smartphone then it means that your battery meter is always most of the time half empty and the bad news is that over time the battery life degrades to the point that battery life is truly miserable. This article will provide you with a guide on how to get more out of your battery by calibrating it properly.

1.  NeMa Battery Calibration App (root required)

This is one of the easier method for obtaining better battery calibration which will ensure more hours from the battery. But for this to work you need to root you phone.

  • Download the free app NeMa from the android market.
  • Make sure to fully drain your battery first.
  • Then plug in your charger and make sure to charge the battery to 100%
  • Make sure your phone is rooted.
  • Open the app NeMa and click on battery calibration
  • Unplug your phone from the charger and you will get a better battery life out of your android device.

2.  Physical Calibration of battery (No root)

This process is mainly for those who don’t want to void their warranty. This method is also simple but little more time consuming as compared to the first method where rooting the phone provided you with a simple click to finish the battery calibration. The process of physical battery calibration is as follows:

  • Turn on the phone and charge it for 8hours or more.
  • Then turn off your phone and let it charge for another hour.
  • Unplug the charger
  • Now turn on the phone and wait for 2minutes
  • Turn the phone off again and charge it for another one hour
  • Now unplug the charger and use your phone normal. The battery life should be way better than before.

Method 2 is pretty long and you might give it up in between but its worth is to see this method till the end. Because with this method you can enjoy more battery life of your device and at the same time retaining the warranty of your device. Because rooting voids your warranty and that might be something you don’t want to do yet.

Google engineers have claimed that the battery calibrating apps don’t work and they don’t provide better battery life in any way what so ever. But tests performed by the developing community say otherwise. True the difference after calibration isn’t that big but that small difference that you gain after calibration might be what you need to get an extra hour to two from the battery. At the end it might improve the overall life of the battery.

There are different methods by which you can increase your battery life.

Well these are the two calibration method don’t expect two get a huge difference in your battery life but after you have done them you will get an efficient and long battery life.

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