Apps That Will Make Your Friends More Annoying

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There are many social networking apps available for android through which you can stay connected with your friends and also receive updates on their statuses or locations. Currently the two most social networking apps that everybody uses are Facebook and Twitter. But there are host of other apps that will make sure that your friends will be more annoying than ever. Some of these apps use GPS to track your friend’s location and let you know if they are nearby you or also provide information on their whereabouts in real time.

In this article some of the social networking apps other than Facebook and twitter are mentioned and also which are fun to use. The apps are:

1.  NavXS:

It is also known as navigation exchange service and allows you to create a network of friends whose locations are tracked in real time and this information is shared between all your friends within the network that you have created. Locations that your friends are visiting can be saved so that you can visit them at your own time. This is a great app that will make sure to keep your friends movements in track.

2.  Commandro:

Commandro is a social networking app that also helps you to keep track of whereabouts of your friend. Also you can set this app in such a way that it will notify you when your friend appears within a specific radius around your location. You can also configure this app to follow one specific person and provide you with updates on their activity whenever it’s updated. Other features included instant messaging, invite system and bookmarking favourite places.

3.  Pocket Journey:

This app is a mobile journey app which allow you to have detailed information about a place that your journeying to from other users who also have visited the same place. Its like having a global community in your pocket and their advices regarding the place you are visiting. This provides you with a wealth of information about the place from real people who have actually visited that place rather than relying on reviews on the internet.

4.  Zinfo:

This application will allow you to share location based events with the users who are added in your contact lists. It allows you to stay up to date about your contacts and know their location also know the route your contact is taking to reach his or her destination. Zinfo will also allow you to quickly share images with your contacts so that they know what are you doing and where you are.

5.  Shoutem:

This an app that can be used by anybody because its so easy to set up that you can create your own social network without worrying about any technical details. You can set up your own social network in any way you like. This app can also be used by any corporation who are looking to set up any new service or also used by individuals who are thinking of building their own community.

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