Archos 97 Carbon: New Warrior Of Tablet Battle [Price, Features And Specifications]

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Amazon is pretty much senior to Google play, in fact i was named very recently after two years of Google for selling content. In that sense Google is really baby for selling content online.

Amazon is selling physical product and books and years of digital products.When this digital product trend goes on fire Amazon launches its Kindle to keep the people stick with their platform and the strategy was truly focused on their own platform and still now it is.

Now lets see the there is cold war started between the web owner Google and Very old web content seller amazon. Kindle is an android based device and Google seems like didn’t get it that after releasing kindle amazon will totally forget Google.

After that Google people seems like won’t give up on content selling. Now the best example of their full effort to drag people to their won content network they launch and released Nexus 7 tab which is 100% integrated to Google play.

If we think how can a very impressive and powerful mini computer Nexus 7 be just for $200, we can easily understand the marketing fact that they wanted Nexus 7 to every peoples hand and i think its obvious that everyone would love to have nexus 7. Once nexus 7 is on huge consumer base. Google gonna get a huge consumer of Google play.

Now i told its cold war by introducing new devices. Google Nexus 7 to attach on Kindle fire and it seems like Kindle fire would not win over Nexus 7’s  price point even though it has enough functionality to bear Nexus 7. But amazon got another partner to this war ,Archos is Going to be in front of Google Nexus by its very affordable low end tablet  “97 Carbon”.

Price, Features And Specifications

Archos 97 Carbon tab is coming with ICS and people will enjoy ICS through 9.7 inch screen with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. 1.36 pound weigh and .36 inches thin device is smart enough to go with Nexus 7 , its some competitive advantages over Nexus 7 are is iArchos 97 Carbon’s both side camera and slot for micro SD external memory card, even though it will offered with 16 GB of internal memory.

Now in this cold war of tablet we must think about the computing ability of devices to rate any device. Nexus 7 is way more powerful with its quad core processor but here in this case Archos 97 Carbon will be offered with single core chips with 1 GB of ram.

A thinner and Lighter that iPad tablet with high resolution screen of 9.7 inches is not gonna be a deal to neglect to people.

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