Auto Data App: An Off Screen Automatic Mobile Data Switch To Save Battery

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Those who are regularly on the street know how much of an hassle it is to have your cellphone die on you in the center of a loaded day. In many situations, one of the primary battery consuming causes are Systems data connections.

While the best remedy is to only let the data run and connect when you need it, it can be done by switching the phone off regularly. i know what you are considering – if only there happens to be less boring way to preserve your cell phone’s power supply – but still let you bring those essential works.

Solutions are actually aplenty, but if you are looking for something easy and comfy, and one that is not stalled by too many functions .Now to solve these entire problem, a participant of XDA, has developed an app – The Battery Saving App Auto data.

This allows your mobile phone become more intelligent in reaching the lovely stability between flexibility and functionality by turning the data connection off automatically whenever you don’t need it.

What the app does is it improves the procedure of switching on and off Mobile Data on your Android phone. Once it is set up, the app will instantly back and forth Mobile Data on and off in a 5-minute period when the display is off, which should help maintain your Smartphones power supply.

You will not have to fear about the app reducing off your online access when you are definitely using the cellphone, though. Other function contains the capability to instantly change to WiFi when Auto data is on and the cellphone is being run. Check out the forum thread to obtain the Auto Data app and see what others are saying.

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