AutomateIt : An app Automatically Performing Various Tasks in Your Android Phone

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For our day to day activities we always depend on our smartphones. It would be really nice if our smartphones could send messages for us, or turn ON/OFF, or remind us, or even changes profiles and settings automatically for us. It could be possible with the help of AutomateIt! It make your life easier by automating various tasks on your android device.

AutomateIt is an app developed by SmarterApps Limited. Basically it was designed to simplify your life by automatically performing various tasks on your android smartphone. Do you want to send message to a person at a particular time, but you can’t do that due to unavoidable circumstances then don’t worry this app will do for you. Its necessary to change your phone mode to a flight mode before you board a plane, but you forget that then don’t worry this app will change it for you.

You can do all these things through very easy steps in AutomateIt! you can program or trigger your device any time. You just need to create a “rule” for your device to make it happen. The easy steps are Trigger, Action, Rule then save.

You just make a trigger like Battery level, airplane mode or SMS for particular time. Then this AutomateIt app will carry out an action or task when you want it to. You just need to create a rule, and you are all set. Your device will remind you automatically or do it for you at the time you set.

One of the great thing in this app is you can set unlimited things for your device. It has pro, ad-free version which allows advanced features such as composite triggers, composite actions, additional triggers, and additional actions. Further this app has a Rules Market through which you can acquire preset rules from other app users, or share your own rules to the rest of the community.

Do you want this AutomateIt app in your own language? Currently it supports English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Danish, French, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Chinese, Hungarian and Russian.

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