Comparision Between Best Android Phones

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Samsung has been the most successful mobile manufacturer of the year 2011. Not only did that they release Galaxy S2 which is able to stand its ground no matter what is thrown at it, but the first HD display phone-tablet hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note was also released which was the first to be incorporated with S Pen Stylus.

Samsung again made the headlines by releasing Galaxy Nexus with the latest Google OS Ice cream sandwich and the first ever phone to employ hardware acceleration to get the best out of the available resources.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Vs Galaxy S2 Vs Galaxy Note

We all know that before we go to buy a phone we always focus on the operating system and the screen size. But there are host of other things to take notice of . With the release of Android 4.0 in Galaxy Nexus it is guaranteed the device of choice of 2012 but Samsung are planning an update for their former flagships Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note.

The specs of these two devices are rival to the Galaxy Nexus and will be able to run the ICS as smoothly as ever. Even the soon to be released Android 5.0 Jellybean will no doubt run because the specs are very high tech.

Galaxy Note comes with an S Pen which is perfect for taking notes and for those working in creative business. Along with the upgrade to ICS it will be made sure that the GFX processing power is completely utilized enabling you to make much better use of the S Pen. Many consumers say that Galaxy S2 is the best phone and nothing can beat it and that remains true and with the ICS update it will be more unbeatable.

So according to the ICS or processing speed it is unsure which device is going to win but you can be sure that each of these device will cater to specific group of people:

  • Galaxy S2 for any people wanting to own an extremely advanced phone.
  • Galaxy Nexus for hardcore Google Android fan as the OS is available without any modification.
  • Galaxy Note for creative people or business oriented people.

Difference in CPU

These above 3 phones boast blazing fast processors albeit some difference.

  • 2 variants of Galaxy S2 is available. The i9100 utilizes 1.2Ghz dual Exynos chipset and i9100G utilizes 1.2Ghz Ti OMAP 4430 chip
  • Galaxy nexus utilizes 1.2 GHz Ti OMAP 4460 chip which provides more powerful performance.
  • Galaxy Note runs on 1.4 GHz dual core exynos chipsets but gives same performance to the above 2 devices due to the increased resolution of the screen.

So processor shouldn’t be a base for choosing the phones.

Now in the imagining department both Note and S2 feature 8MP camera whereas Galaxy Nexus has a 5MP camera unit. But all three units allow you to capture video at 1080p resolution. Some might prefer more mega pixel but there isn’t much difference in the details of the pictures taken with all the three units as they provide pleasant color rendering.

Now the important difference between these 3 devices is their screen and their resolution as follows:

  • SGS2 features 4.3inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 800×480
  • Galaxy Note features 5.3inch WXGA Super AMOLED screen with 1280×800 resolutions which makes it a joy to read anything on the device. Also the using the S Pen is a very enjoyable experience.
  • Galaxy Nexus features 4.65inch Super AMOLED with 1280×800 resolution.

Now for the final verdict it’s very difficult to decide between the devices once they are all running ICS. Samsung has promised ICS update in the first quarter of 2012 for both SGS2 and Galaxy Note. All the three device provide same superior performance so its difficult to say which is best. Its left up-to the consumer to decide which device is suited to them most.

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