5 Best Android Apps

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Well there are thousands of apps in the android market and how would you know that which app is good or not. We can’t decide simply by reading user reviews because an app which was useful to a number of people wouldn’t necessarily be useful to you. But no matter here I would like to present some of the best apps of the android that will make you reconsider about selecting good apps and will no doubt get you hooked.

As always its always recommended that you have the handy barcode scanner app on your mobile because as your browsing through a website you come across a good app which is displayed along with its QR code which will allow you to download it easily rather than going to android market and searching for the APP manually.

Well without any further wastage of time here some of the best android apps of the week:

1. Sliphead Alternative:

You’re a fan of retro games then you’re in for a treat. Sliphead alternative is the most famous retro games to be available on the android market that will make you sit up all night. This game is a part of series that stretches all the way back to 80’s. The mobile version comes with a host of features including amazing 3D graphics, epic music and loads of voice actions as you go about destroying evil.

2. Sixaxis controller:

Well here is the perfect app for the retro game lovers. This app lets your phone to become the replacement of the famous Wii remote allowing you to have accurate and responsive control for any games. This also allows you to use your PS3 controller for the games over Bluetooth. Sadly to say to run this app you need to root your device.

3.  Facebook messenger:

Well Facebook has just made it easier to stay in contact with your friends even without launching the main Facebook app. This app functions like MSN messenger would function in your PC. You can also arrange group chats and now they are bringing video and voice chat to the messenger also. So now you can enjoy Facebook chat on the go.

4. Minecraft pocket edition:

Its finally here the android version of minecraft. Unfortunately this version is only available for the xperia play but you can get all that life sapping addictiveness of your PC. Xperia play’s dedicated control allows you to enjoy this game to the maximum although its not that good as the PC version never the less it provides a good way to pass your time.

5.  Screencast:

This is an app that lets you record the interaction with your device in high FPS. This app also includes a gallery to play all the things that you have recorded and also lets you share the video with your friends. This app requires your phone to be rooted in order to work.

Well there you go these are some of the app that makes it worthwhile to own and enjoy an android device.

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