Best Android Phones for 2013

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Needless to say, Android devices now dominate the market for smartphone when compared to Windows phone and iPhone. Several hundreds of android phones are available in market. Here is the list of best android phones for the year 2013.

1. Samsung Galaxy S III:

It is an incredible phone comes with a gorgeous, huge, AMOLED Display which is capable of deep blacks and vibrant colors. It’s camera quality is good. A 4G version of this model is available from EE, so you can get the fastest possible mobile data-upto 25Mbit/s. But it, costs chunk more than the more common 3G model. It runs on Android 4.1.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Quad core S3 still feels fresh and fast, plus it has a great big 2,100mAh battery. It remains our number one choice for those looking for a powerful android phone on contract.

2. Google Nexus 4:

It is the remarkably inexpensive smartphone with the latest version of Android. It is made by LG and while its bland exterior doesn’t really scream desirability, as soon as you start using the phone you will be smitten.

Google Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is screamingly fast -apps open in a snap, and Google Maps glides around under your finger. The screen is gorgeous, too; its 1,280×768 resolution has the highest resolution of any Android smartphone we’ve seen, and it’s right up there with the Nokia Lumia 920.

This gives a pixel density of 320ppi, which makes this screen almost as detailed as that of the iPhone 5. But the only drawback of this Google Nexus 4 tablet is battery life. It can’t quite match the Samsung Galaxy S3.

3. Motorola Razr i:

It is one of the gorgeous slimline Intel phone. This is the first big-brand phone to use Intel’s mobile processor. . It’s really quick too, rivalling even the iPhone 5 and Windows Phone 8 handsets in browser-based benchmarks and leaving the vast majority of Android handsets trailing. It runs Android 4.0, but there’s no update yet to the smoother and faster Android 4.1.

Motorola Razr i

As with many mid-range handsets, the Razr i uses a 4.3in 960×540-pixel Super AMOLED screen – with plenty of contrast and punch. Given the size of the screen, the handset is incredibly compact, with very slender bezels down each side.

It’s panel is made of Kevlar, and the whole handset has a water resistant nano-coating making it splashproof. It is a great little phone if you fancy something a little different, and is good value on contract.

4. HTC Desire X:

HTC Desire X

It is one of the best budget handsets. Looks slim and classy. It is a 4-inch handset with a screen resolution of 800×480. Android in this handset runs smoothly on the 1GHz dual-core processor, though it is only the 4.0 version. It is a good al-round phone, though don’t expect it to wow anyone.

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