Best Android Photo Sharing Apps That You Must Have In Your Phone

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These days the camera on all the upcoming android smartphones are improving with ability to capture good quality photos that enhance the color and also give you the ability to edit the images that you capture in to something more interesting.

After editing the images wouldn’t you like to share it with your friends and let them know about the interesting experience that you enjoyed. To help you out we have prepared this post in which we have mentioned some of the best photo sharing apps that you can have in your android phone.

Read on to find out more about the different photo sharing apps.

1.     LiveShare

If you have enabled the social networking options in your device rather than using the individual apps then you must be having lots of photos from different users that are accumulating in your device and creating a mess. Well don’t worry because LiveShare will help you to organize the photos according to the stream you’re getting from.

Also it gives you the option to upload the images that you take to Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs and also Dropbox. There little bugs in the app but Liveshare is a great app that will allow you to manage the photos from various social networking site and also share them with your friends easily.


2.     Snapr

Snapr is a location based photo sharing app that features a very simple easy to use UI. This app will let you mark where you are on the Google Maps. It will also allow you to mark different places on the maps based on your photos.

You can also easily share photos to other social networking websites but Snapr itself is a social media platform. It features a great community where you can share the different photos that you have taken.


3.     EyeEM

This is a must have photo sharing app that will allow you to share photos to the stream of your choosing. As you take a photo it is tagged with your location and accordingly you will be introduced to that stream of photos.

Also you can tap into image streams of other people based on your selection. The more photos that you post the more your stream is modified and the more your interest based photos are displayed.


4.     Molome

This app will remind of the Instagram android app but with a much nicer UI and more options. You can view images from other users and also comment on the photos that catches your interest.

You can even edit the images that you take and post them to various social networking sites. One of the features of this app is that more photos you uploaded you get reward points with which you can unlock different types of filter to apply to your photos to make them more interesting. Molome has its own Owl mascot which adds cuteness to the app.

So there you have some of the best photo sharing apps that we could find for the android phone. Do try them out and let us know which one you found was to your liking.


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