Best Android Tablets That You Can Gift To Your Friends And Families

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There are many android tablets in the market that you can purchase and think is the best but how to think that they are the ideal tablet that can be used as gift?

Well don’t worry about that because in this article I have compiled a list of tablets that can be used to gift to your friends or families and I can guarantee you that your tablet gift is appreciated.

1.  Amazon Kindle Fire

There are many 7inch tablets in the market that you can get for a very affordable price but not all of them are gift worthy material because either the build material is not good or the tablets lacks in the specification that just makes gifting the tablet very bad.

So how to get a perfect tablet in this situation from all the affordable 7inch tablet? Well I would recommend to you that you should consider Amazon Kindle Fire because it is available for $199 and also features great specs at a value. If you are familiar with amazon then with the kindle fire you will get access to amazon cloud player, kindle reader, prime, and amazon appstore

But the problem with the kindle fire is that you don’t have the option to increase the built in storage via microSD. But you get all the basic tablet functionality at a great value for money.

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2.  Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

This is another low cost affordable 7inch tablet. It is the main competitor to the Amazon kindle fire but it is available for $249. At this price range you get more RAM and an option for memory expansion via microSD card slot.

Nook tablet is a very basic tablet with basic offerings. It’s a great tablet for reading eBooks and also listening to them. You also get access to Nook Newsstand along with Hulu and Netflix integration. Before you go for purchasing the tablet you must think about what you are gifting to a person.

In my opinion this tablet is a very good offering for a person who is not into tablets so much. But if you have a good budget for spending on gifts then you can go for much better option than the nook tablet.

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3.  Asus Transformer Prime

Now this is one tablet that I am pretty sure anyone will be more than happy to receive as a gift. This tablet is the greatest and latest gadget that you can get from the market.

It comes with the latest specs and includes Tegra3 quad core processor along with a dock which makes it into a portable netbook. If you want to buy a 10inch tablet then is the ideal gift that you can get because it’s a piece of technology that will appeal to any people.

This tablet is available for $499. Granted its expensive but you receive a great deal for that price rang. As I have mentioned before if you have the budget to spare then this is the ideal tablet which can be gifted. This tablet is the ideal gift for any android fan.

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So there you go the three best tablet that can be gifted to your friends or family members. I have selected the highly affordable tablet and a high end tablet. The decision is yours to make.

Do let us know which tablet you would prefer to gift and also which you would personally like to be gifted.

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