Best Currency Converter Apps For Android

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Being constantly on move from one country to another can be a pain especially when you have to deal with different language, customs and businesses. Especially business man have it rough because when in a foreign country money changes can become difficult when you don’t know the exact currency rates.

Even in trading you need to know the exact currency rates so you can carry out successful deals without any loss. At such times it is helpful to have some handy currency converter in your device which will help you with the conversion and also rate verification.

In this article we will take a look at some of the best currency converter for android that will help you about in your business.

1.  Currency Converter:

Currency converter is a powerful app in the android market in regard to trading. It has several features that will enable you to get an edge in business trading.

It has offline viewing options which will save on bandwidth, it can also track and display recent changes in the international market and display them to you on a graph and also help you to predict future trends. This is a very helpful tool for any trader.


2.  XE Currency:

Any people trading with foreign currency should be familiar with XE currency. It is one of the most famous currency rate site that delivers to you fast and accurate information.

This app has one of the easiest and useful user interfaces that will present you data on currency and precious metals in real time. You can also use this app in offline with which you will be able to view the history of shifts in prices.


3.  Convert App:

This is another useful app that will be of help to not only business but also to ordinary people as well. It will help you to convert one unit into another. This app supports almost 160+ currencies and 23 languages.

In this app you can define your own units of measurement and also you can easily convert currencies and also it is able to display you the latest currency rates on the go.


4.  e6bapps Currency Converter:

This is a very simple easy to use currency converter. It doesn’t feature any fancy graphics or hogs up CPU power. It just allows simple conversion and nothing else.

You need to update the app so that the currency rates remain updated according to the market. You can schedule the update to be automatic or you can perform it manually.


5.  Forex Currency Rates:

This app keeps track of the all the currencies in the world in one single place. If you’re into currency trading then this is the app of choice for you. It will deliver you latest news regarding different money trends and also news on gold and silver trading.

In this app you can set up your favorite currency so that you can view its updates on a daily or weekly basis.


6.  My Currency:

This is another currency converting app that supports 160+ worlds currency. It is updated automatically to keep the user up to date regarding the currency rates. The interface is very simple and easy to use and understand.

This app also supports some of the new currency such as Bitcoins, Facebook Credits and Linden Dollar etc. It also features charts with which you can track the currency rates on daily or monthly basis.


There you go some of the currency converting apps that will help you to go about your business smoothly. Let us know which app has helped you out the most.


You can also take a look at some of the apps that will help you improve your business.

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